11 Features of a Great App for Tech Brands

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The country’s rapidly growing tech sector is getting more competitive day by day, and your business needs more than just a website to grow. A branded app can help increase customer engagement and revenue for your business and makes the connections more personalised. To create a successful app, you need to consider various features.

Well-designed and navigable apps are attractive and make people want to use them. On the other hand, poorly designed and unresponsive apps are frustrating, and people are quick to uninstall them. As a leading app development company in Canberra, we’ve shared some features that will elevate the usability of your app.

Simple Yet Intuitive

People have shorter attention spans these days, and offering a complex app can drive them away. If a person cannot access information easily and quickly, they will most probably stop using the app. A simple, uncluttered design with an intuitive interface will provide a positive experience to your users.

Most brands replicate similar functions of their website when developing an app, which can also result in a complex interface. Apps are different from websites, so you should keep the user’s experience in mind when designing them. Offer clear leads and eliminate any possibilities of ambiguity so that users are encouraged to use your app. Keep ads and pop-ups to a minimum, and they shouldn’t overshadow the important information.

High Speed

There’s nothing more frustrating to phone users than looking at a screen-loading symbol. Low speed not only annoys your users, but they will be more likely to switch to a competitor’s app. When you keep your UI and UX simple, your app will be automatically faster. Things like large tables and databases increase the load time of apps and affect your users’ experience.

Enticing Push Notifications

If you’re not sending personalised notifications to your users, your brand could be missing out on a lot!

Once a user has downloaded the app, you have secured a valuable space in their phone and should properly utilise it with push notifications. With engaging and enticing push notifications, you can encourage them to complete a specific action that benefits your business. Get creative when creating push notifications, and offer attractive deals, discounts, reminders, etc. If a user hasn’t used the app in a while, you can send a personalised push notification to encourage them to use it again.

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High-Quality Visual Content

High-quality visual content is another great feature to add to your brand. It’s more eye-catching than plain text, brings your brand to life, and allows users to get information at a glance. Depending on your business, you can also share real-time updates in the app to keep your users in the loop. While incorporating visual content, you should make sure it doesn’t affect the speed and usability of your app.

Search Option

Having a search option on your app can make a significant difference to your user experience. It’s one of the most important features of any application that many brands miss out on. Especially if you’re offering products and services, adding a search option will let your users find their specific product/service instantly, and they would prefer to come back for more.

Social Media Integration

With social media integration in your app, you can drive more traffic and engagement to your different social platforms. This helps boost the online presence of your brand and strengthens customer relationships.

You should link and add dedicated social media buttons to your app and encourage users to follow you. Offer discount codes to encourage more users to follow or subscribe. This will also improve your social media activity as the same people who downloaded your app will interact with you over social media.

Eye-Catching Design

As a tech brand, it’s important to have an attractive and futuristic design for your application. People will have higher expectations from you and will expect something out-of-the-box. When designing the app for your tech brand, choose stylish yet professional font styles and colour schemes. Experiment with different colours and see which works best for your specific content. You can also check other leading tech brands’ apps to see which designs are mostly liked by users and are easy on the eyes.

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Security should be a priority when creating an app for your tech brand. If your app doesn’t have a robust security system, it will not only affect your users’ safety, but they will not trust your other services. 63% of data breaches in the country are due to cyber attacks, affecting thousands of people every year. By incorporating premium security in your app, you can keep your and your user’s sensitive information safe. This information includes credit card details, personal information, location details, etc.

User Feedback

One of the most effective ways to keep your users happy is by incorporating their feedback into your app. Even if you’re making regular required updates to your app, there could be things that you miss. Allowing your users to give feedback will help you identify shortcomings and offer prompt solutions.

Useful Buttons

Adding useful buttons in your app will make things easier for your users. For example, adding a click-to-call button will allow the user to directly make a call instead of copy-pasting your number and dialling it. You can similarly add multiple buttons in your app to improve its navigation and usability.

Mobile Analytics

To improve the performance and engagement of your app, you first need to track it carefully. Mobile analytics allow you to understand consumer behaviour and track different metrics to offer a better experience. You can check things like which notifications draw most users to the app, how long a user spends in each session, which buttons they tap the most, and so on.

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