3 Reasons Link-Building Is Important to Optimise Your Website

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Creating a website is just the first step for entering the digital realm. Without optimising it, you can’t get the intended benefits for which you have created the website in the first place. When it comes to website optimisation, link-building comes somewhere at the top of the list of SEO measures.

Why link-building is important for website optimisation and how it can eventually benefit your business? Let’s find out.

1. Google Ranks Link-Building Among the Top 3 Ranking Factors

Google’s Penguin update (an algorithm update) has reiterated the importance of link-building yet again. Apart from quality content and relevancy, good linking-building matters the most for the ranking of any website. In other words, you can’t just bank on good and relevant content to rank higher. You need to complement it with link-building as well.

This affirmation by Google alone is enough for any business to focus on optimising their website with a well-thought-out backlinking strategy.

2. Link-Building Helps You Improve the Authority of Your Website

“You are the company you keep”— this also holds for a website. When a website gets backlinks from a cluster of high-authority (credible and popular) websites, this eventually improves its authority as well. A website with high domain authority always enjoys an intrinsic edge over other websites of the same niche in search engine ranking.

3. Link-Building Assists Search Engines in the Indexing of Your Webpages

Search engine algorithms use backlinks in two ways while indexing a website. First, they discover new pages through backlinks. Second, they determine where a webpage should rank based on its backlinks. For instance, Google’s algorithm PageRank measures the quality of a website by taking into account the number of its backlinks and how those links contextually fit (for discouraging spam backlinking).

In short, when carrying out quality link-building for your website, you guide search engine algorithms in the right direction to rank your website higher.

Link-Building Doesn’t Just Optimise Your Website!

The benefits of link-building extend beyond web optimisation. Apart from boosting your SEO, link-building also helps with:

  • Brand Building: Like content creation or PPC, link building can’t be carried out in isolation. You need to build networks in your niche. You have to reach out to other businesses to earn those links. All this networking exercise helps you create a reputable brand for your business. Also, brand building through link-building is not only for consumers. It also makes your name among peers and affiliates.
  • Referral Traffic: Apart from creating link juice that helps search engine crawlers to rank your website higher, link-building also gives you considerable traction through referral traffic. When your website features on high authority and popular websites as relevant external links, you get a lot of visitors from there among whom many are qualified leads and prospects.

Want to start this key SEO activity for your website without wasting any time? Watch my brief explainer on what link-building measures you can take right now.

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