3 Ways To Get Google Ads Leads In 2022

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Getting qualified leads through pay-per-click advertising is a great way to boost your sales. However, it’s important to remember that these ads aren’t cheap, and you should include the right ad extension to get the desired results.

There are multiple reasons for your campaign not performing how you anticipated, so it’s important to master these Google Ads hacks to get the most out of your investment. If you can increase your budget or invest in these hacks, you can boost your ROI and get more qualified leads.

In this article, we’ll talk about three simple PPC hacks that can help you boost your sales and get more qualified leads, target prospective leads, and reach a specific audience based on their search terms.

1. Optimise Your Quality Score

The quality score is a part of Google Ads that help determine which ads are performing well and which are getting the most out of their investment. According to Wordstream, a high-quality score is often rewarded with higher ad positions and lower CPC.

To see the details about a keyword’s quality score, go to your Google Ads account and click on the Campaigns tab. You’ll see a white speech bubble next to the status of the keyword. You’ll then see a list of ratings related to the quality score.

Remarketing is a surefire way to quality score optimisation. This can help you target people who have already shown interest in your ad, something that Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream, believes drives leads by over 10%.

2. Outsmart Your Competitors’ Ads

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Every industry has competitors. Knowing what secrets your competitors are using to improve their Google Ads rankings can help boost the performance of your ad.

Before you start bidding on a campaign, you must have a good understanding of your competitor’s ad copy. This can help you create effective ads that will compel your audience to take action. You can also analyse their ad copy to see how it’s affecting their conversion rate.

1. Mobile Platforms Optimisation

As more people conduct their searches on mobile devices, you must use Google Ads to generate more leads. This can be done through the various platforms that the company has to offer.

Since mobile is becoming more prevalent in search, you must take the necessary steps to optimise your campaigns for this platform. While it’s possible to focus on PCs, mobile still has the upper hand regarding total search volume.

It’s critical to assess the level of intimacy that mobile users have when it comes to clicking on your ads. Also, the click-to-call feature available in mobile browsers can be a game-changer.

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Google Ads is a powerful tool for lead generation, but it’s also important to learn how to bid correctly and launch a more cost-effective campaign.

A well-designed landing page, mobile user consideration, and competitor analysis are all key facets of ensuring you’re making the most of Google Ads.

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