5 Critical App Development Mistakes + Quick Fixes

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According to research, 81% of the country’s population uses their smartphone to shop online. This amounts to a total of 20.3 million people. If you run an online store, launching a mobile app is an excellent way to reel in a wider audience, make bigger and better sales, and put more profit into your pocket.

Unfortunately, many businesses hear about the benefits of launching an app and recklessly jump on the bandwagon without much thought, planning, or consideration.

A poorly executed app can do more harm than good. If your app loads slowly, has poor information architecture (AI), looks unappealing, lacks quality content, and compromises on security, your audience will stop shopping from you altogether. This will result in a high audience attrition rate.

In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at five critical app development mistakes that you may be making. We’ll also walk you through their fixes so you can swiftly get back on track. Let’s begin!

Mistake #1: Launching a Project with Inadequate Funds

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App development isn’t a walk in the park; it’s a complex and time-consuming process that requires experience, expertise, and the right skillset. If you fail to collect the required funds for your project, you’ll struggle to achieve a good outcome.

The cost ultimately depends on the scope of your app. Are you aiming for a high-level application? Or do you want to launch a beginner-level app and equip it with more features over time? Decide where you want to start and collect the required funds accordingly.

There’s nothing wrong with starting off slow. A basic, well-functioning app is still a great call. However, many businesses make grand plans and struggle to fulfil them because of poor funding. This will result in a low-performing app that presents a lot of problems.

As long as your app works well without any glitches, errors, or issues, you’re good to go. However, make sure you plan ahead, set your budget, and proceed accordingly. If you walk into the app development process blindly with little to no preparation, you’ll fall flat on your face.

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Mistake #2: Latching Onto Every Feature You Can Get Your Hands On

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Who doesn’t want a feature-rich app with all the bells and whistles you could possibly think of? You ultimately want to wow your audience, and a power-packed app will do just that. However, remember that too much of anything is bad. Excessive features will overwhelm your audience, and chances are you’ll struggle to maintain them.

Features require consistent monitoring, evaluation, and testing for optimal performance. If your app is equipped with every feature under the roof, you’ll deal with higher risks and struggle to run it properly.

Start off slow; equip your app with essential features like intuitive navigation, offline capabilities, data privacy, security, battery preservation, push notifications, high speed, chat support/call-back options, and the like.

Once your app is up and running, you can introduce new features over time. However, starting with every weapon you can get your hands on will weigh your arsenal down. Keep these caveats in mind before it’s all systems go.

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Mistake #3:Ignoring MVP Planning

Creating an MVP (minimum viable product) isn’t just important; it’s imperative. This is a skeletal version of your app that only contains the essential features. It’s used to test your app and gauge its performance.

During the MVP phase of your app development project, you’ll predict the success of your app. Test it to develop a better understanding of how your app will perform in the market and stack up against other apps in your industry. Use the results to iron out any kinks and refine your app.

Mistake #4: Ignoring the Importance of SEO and Marketing

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Both search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing are essential for your app. You cannot develop an app that overlooks these aspects.

Let’s talk about SEO first. If you want your app to rank higher on Google SERPs, Play Store, and App Store, optimise it like a seasoned pro. Use high-ranking keywords, add quality visual media, and write engaging, value-added, and user-centric app copy that converts.

Once you’ve checked SEO off the list, start marketing your app through social media, emails, text messages, and your own website. You can also announce your new app through a press release and Google Business Profile posts.

A stellar app SEO and marketing plan will help you earn more downloads, strengthen your brand identity, and boost conversions.

Mistake #5: Hiring Your In-House Team

App development can be a costly process. If you want to save money, you may feel tempted to hire your in-house team or find dirt-cheap app development services from Upwork. This is a risky approach that backfires more often than not.

If your app development team lacks the required experience, expertise, skillset, cutting-edge development software and tools, and industry knowledge, they’ll launch a flimsy app that disappoints your audience. This is a critical process; ensure you hand it over to professionals who pass the test.

Hire experts who have an impressive app development track record. They should have experience in designing and developing apps for your industry. Additionally, they must possess the right qualifications and certifications. This doesn’t mean that you should break the bank. You can still find affordable app design and development services that promise quality.

Start the hunt, do your research, and shortlist an app development agency that equips your business with a stellar app.

Get Your Mobile App Back on Track

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