7 Facebook Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Should Try in 2023

A Facebook business page of an entrepreneur

When running a small business, it’s possible that you may not have enough budget to invest in extensive digital marketing activities like established brands do. But you can still make the most of cost-effective marketing platforms like social media. With over 2.9 billion global users, Facebook is the leading social media platform perfect for growing your business without a big budget.

Regardless of your business, most of your customers are on Facebook, and with the right marketing strategy, you can connect with them. As a leading digital marketing company in Canberra, Australia, we have listed some Facebook marketing strategies you should try this year. They will help you boost brand awareness, improve web traffic, attract new prospects, strengthen customer relationships, and more. Keep reading.

Set Up the Business Page

Chances are you’ve already created a Facebook page for your business, but it has more to do than just putting up a profile picture and contact information. Besides the profile picture, your page’s cover photo also plays a crucial role in connecting visitors to your brand. A good cover photo can convey your brand’s story, prompting an emotion or encouraging an action like visiting your website.

Another important thing most brands miss out on or don’t utilise correctly is the about section. Make sure you introduce your visitors to your business in a unique and effective way. Consider the fashion brand, Aje, as an example. In the screenshot below, you’ll see how beautifully they’ve explained their brand, which will entice their audience to be the next Aje girl and explore their products.

Aje’s About section on Facebook

Use the Right Mix of Content Types

There are different types of content you can post on Facebook, including plain-text posts, photo and video posts, link posts, and stories. You want to use the right mix of content types according to your audience as a successful Facebook marketing strategy.

Research shows that over half of the country watches videos on Facebook, and the number of video posts per user has increased by 52%. Videos play automatically on Facebook, making it easier to grab the user’s attention. You can use this to your advantage to create meaningful videos to build connections. Plain-text posts that share something informative can also grab your customer’s attention. When creating a post on Facebook, user experience and preference should be your priority and not just selling the product. A survey found that informative-only and mixed content types are more effective in engaging customers in Australia than persuasive, salesy content.

Engage Proactively

Although you’re using Facebook as a marketing tool for your brand, it’s still a social networking platform where people are looking to connect with each other. Don’t forget to engage with your audience and build a community.

Let’s suppose a person is interested in buying a product that is no longer available. In addition to saying that the product is out of stock, you can recommend another similar product and describe its benefits. This will show that you care about your audience and may encourage them to buy.

Facebook offers many opportunities to start industry-related discussions with your customers and other audience. You can also increase engagement on your posts by asking the audience to engage. Ask questions in your posts, hold live sessions after a new product launch, create polls, and so on.

Facebook live

Schedule Your Posts Strategically

Spending hours creating the perfect post for Facebook can go to waste if you don’t post it at the right time. Although the algorithms make it difficult to pinpoint optimal posting times, you should still schedule your posts strategically. Start by experimenting with different times and find out which one works best for you. According to a Nielsen survey on the country’s Facebook usage, most people access this app between 2 pm to 5 pm and after 8 pm

It’s common for people to surf social media before bed, so posting during the evening and early at night will bring better results than off-peak time posting. You can easily schedule your posts on Facebook. Scheduling your posts makes it easy to maintain consistency and look after other tasks.

Run Facebook Ads to Directly Reach an Audience

Facebook advertising is a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool to reach new audiences and encourage a specific call to action. Pay extra attention to these ads because they need to be clear, concise, engaging, and properly targeted. For example, you’re launching your Spring 2023 collection and want more visitors to your website. You can design an ad according to this goal and write a clear call to action to instruct users to do something specific, such as “explore the collection on our website”, “visit our store today”, “avail an early-bird discount”, etc.

When running a Facebook ad, targeting a specific audience is important to bring desired results. Facebook Ads Manager has several filters to help you set a target audience.

Facebook ads on a laptop

Consider Partnership Opportunities

If you have a budget, you can also consider partnership opportunities with other brands or influencers. Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools these days and statistics show that ad spending in this segment will reach over $630 million this year. You can market your products and services through other people who have an established audience on the platform, and it will bring tangible results for your business.

Hire Social Media Marketing Experts

Running a small business and looking after social media marketing can be overwhelming. This may prevent you from utilising the full potential of these platforms and bringing optimal results. Investing in a social media marketing company will not only save your time and effort but bring better returns in a short amount of time.

TocToc is a leading social media agency in Canberra. We will help build your online presence through different social and digital channels to increase your customers and eventually improve revenue. From creating targeted posts to running successful ad campaigns, our team has the experience and tools to take your Facebook marketing to next level.

We also provide content marketing, search engine optimisation and digital marketing solutions for small businesses in Australia. Contact us to schedule an appointment now.

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