A Simple Digital Marketing Tactic That Still Works

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You’ve probably heard multiple digital marketers say email marketing is dead. Well, with over 4 billion email users worldwide, we beg to differ. Email marketing is considered an especially useful practice in Australia, which had the highest email click-through rate in the world in 2020. A 2022 report also found email marketing to be the best advertising channel in Australia.

Safe to say, email marketing is here to stay. So, what makes this simple digital marketing strategy so effective, and why should you hire an email marketing company for your business? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

You Can Execute Timely Campaigns

Most traditional marketing campaigns take several weeks or months to plan, organise, and execute. This makes them slightly ineffective for urgent marketing requirements. You may even end up jeopardising your marketing strategy by rushing the campaign and producing unsatisfying results.

On the other hand, email marketing campaigns are much easier to plan and execute on short notice. You can use them for your urgent advertising needs. Email marketing also makes it easier for businesses to incorporate relevant and trending socio-political aspects into their marketing campaigns and deliver relatable content to their target audience at the right time.

You Can Personalise Your Campaigns

If you’re looking forward to building long-lasting one-on-one relationships with existing and potential customers, email marketing is the way to go. It allows you to personalise your marketing content, making it a lot more appealing to your audience.

For example, you can send engaging, thoughtful, and well-written email newsletters to establish your readers’ trust and help them learn more about your company. Even seemingly small tactics like including the recipient’s name in the email and speaking directly to the reader make a huge difference. Personalised emails have a higher click-through rate. Your clients are more likely to read through the email, actually appreciate it, and take action if their emails are personalised.

Additionally, you can deliver individualised content to your email list based on how you’ve segmented your audience. This ensures content relevancy and prevents your emails from landing in the junk or deleted folders.

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You Come Across As Highly Professional

Let’s be honest; emails are the most professional means of online communication. Yes, you can use social media and the live chat feature on your website to drive engagement, but nothing really comes close to good old emails.

By executing an email marketing campaign, you use an appropriate online channel to effectively communicate with your clientele as professionally as possible. Customers are also more likely to trust your brand if you have a consistent email marketing strategy and reach out to your representatives for any concerns or queries.

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