An Advanced Content Marketing Strategy for Better ROI

Content marketing services at play

Consistent content production is a huge challenge. Businesses can encounter various obstacles preventing them from creating content that attracts a large audience. You can expect to face several obstacles in content production, from finding the right topics to managing time.

Despite the various advantages of blogging, the long-term commitment to creating optimised content may make you wonder if it’s even worth it. HubSpot reported that over 60% of marketers consider blog content their top inbound priority. Also, those who regularly blog receive more leads than those who don’t.

The more you blog, the more likely you’ll be to build a solid foundation for your business. However, most marketers ask the most important question: “Given the amount of time and resources it takes to create content, how do I know that my content is generating the most bang for the buck?”

Unfortunately, many marketers cannot see the full ROI of their content marketing efforts. According to a survey by SEMRush, only 41% of marketers see positive results from their efforts, the most common reason being they spend too much time on one piece of content. While content production is no longer a numbers game, many marketers feel their time and effort could be better allocated to other online marketing tasks.

The true key to getting a solid ROI for your content is not how you write it but rather what you do with it after it has been published. In an era where over two million blog posts are published every day, it’s important that you promote your content effectively.

For most marketers, seeing results from their efforts is what content marketing is all about. However, if you are not seeing the full ROI of your efforts, it’s time to rethink what you are doing. Here’s how you can optimise your strategy for better returns.

Stop Thinking of Content in a Vacuum

 Content marketing services at play

Before you start promoting your content, it’s important that you first identify the goals that you are trying to achieve with it. While these may differ according to your brand, industry, and target market, one primary objective should always be the same: to get as many people as possible to read and interact with your content.

The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is a common strategy that most marketers follow when it comes to promoting their content. A financial theory, by definition, its application in the realm of content production can be as follows; spend 20% of your time and effort in writing content and the other 80% in promoting it.

If you are promoting most of your efforts through the right channels, you will be able to grow your audience and save time by writing more.

Target the Promotional Channels That Make Sense

Content marketing services at play

Most marketers think they should immediately go to social media after updating their blogs. However, a study by the Content Marketing Institute showed almost half of B2B marketers utilise at least 13 different tactics when promoting their content.

There’s no doubt that social media marketing is crucial to a company’s online marketing strategy. HubSpot found that over 60% of marketers achieve a net positive use of social media to generate leads. However, relying just on social media for content promotion will seldom get you the return you’d expect for the amount of time and effort you invest.

Choosing the right platforms is critical when promoting your blog. There is no right answer to choosing the right platforms for your content.

To put things into perspective, Buzzsumo reports that only half of all blog posts on the internet get more than eight shares; a grim stat that should serve as a warning to all marketers about how they can spread their resources too thin by targeting every social channel.

The more platforms that you try to dominate, the less time you spend promoting your content on each one. For instance, most B2B companies rely on LinkedIn and Twitter for their marketing needs. On the other hand, Instagram and Pinterest are very popular platforms for B2C businesses.

With 1.23 billion daily users, all businesses should promote their Facebook content. Since most people spend over an hour a day on the platform, most of their time is spent digesting content.

Using Visual Content

Marketers developing an email marketing strategy through visuals

The rise of visual content clearly indicates that we need to go beyond the traditional text-based approach to marketing. Social Champ reported that social media posts and tweets that contain imagery receive three times more engagement than those that don’t.

Infographics are more liked and shared than other social media content, with over 70% of marketers considering investing in video marketing to be very important for their business.

If you’re writing content that focuses on data, then infographics are a great way to visualise the statistics and get your point across. However, repurposing your content might be a better option if you’re planning on making a video. YouTube is currently exploding, with over a billion users and almost 90% of mobile users sharing videos.

The potential of video marketing is immense, especially for bloggers. In today’s world, people are more likely to watch a video than read a blog post. Reproducing blog posts into videos can help boost their exposure and provide them with a new marketing channel. It can also help you tap into a potential SEO gold mine.

If you’re a blogger, then you already have the script in your hand.

Modern Content Marketing Services in Canberra with TocToc

Since it can take a long time to produce on-site content, repurposing and re-publishing each piece of content that you put out can help boost your content marketing ROI. Doing so can help you streamline your process and ensure you get the most out of your promotion.

Having the right strategy can help you determine which pieces of content are performing well and which will be used to influence your future efforts. If you’re not taking the necessary steps to ensure that your content is being rediscovered and discovered, then it’s time to rethink your marketing approach.

If you feel you need help creating a modern content strategy that incorporates the best market practices, why not partner with an expert?

TocToc has helped numerous businesses unleash the potential of the internet and helped them drive their sales through content marketing, website design, and email marketing services. We’ll not only generate immaculate content that attracts your target audience but also handle keyword optimisation and social media management.

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