Backlink Quality vs. Quantity: What Really Matters?

Backlink quality vs. quantity

The debate of quality versus quantity is a never-ending one. There are two extremes of marketers; one argues that severe focus should be put on the quality of backlinks you’re creating, while others say that the number of backlinks you’re generating is essential.

Backlinking is an approach to obtaining hyperlinks from high authority websites. It makes your website more visible and increases exposure. The more backlinks you have, the better you’ll rank, right? Not necessarily.

Quality Backlinks

Any link from a high domain website is known as a quality backlink. Such links are trustworthy to searchers and search engines and vital for your link-building strategy. As the number of high-quality links increases, so does your Google ranking. The majority of the number one ranking pages on SERPs get 5% to 14.5% more followed backlinks from new websites monthly.

However, quality backlinks are challenging to get and can take time. 66.31% of pages don’t have a single backlink. Why? Most businesses conclude that they don’t have time to generate quality backlinks and hence never make it to the first page of Google.

Stuffing Backlinks

Some industry players that argue that the backlink quantity is far more critical than the quality when ranking. They are not worried about whether they’re getting backlinks from low, medium or high domain websites as long as they are getting them. To them, anchor text and relevance are of low importance.

Admittedly, they end up achieving their final goal: increased traffic. However, it’s wavering traffic irrelevant sources. It’s not useful for your own particular niche.

Yes, opting for a large chunk of backlinks makes the process much quicker and more accessible and benefits your ranking. But at what cost? You are at a greater risk of generating backlinks from spam websites.

All in all, it’s important to shift perspective and not just look at traffic generated in isolation. It’s vital to put context to your numbers.

The Verdict: Backlink Quality vs. Quantity

The reality is that both these link-building strategies have their place. While quality is essential for some businesses, others focus on quantity. As SEO experts, we typically fall in the middle of the spectrum, and so should you. Find the right balance.

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