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Reach 195 million daily active users on a single app. That’s the power of Baidu, China’s answer to Google. 


Baidu is the biggest search engine in China. It’s a Beijing based multinational tech company that offers a large range of Internet services and products, as well as making many breakthroughs in recent years in the field of artificial intelligence. Baidu is not only one of the biggest players in the tech market in China, but is actually one of the largest AI and Internet companies on the planet. 

Baidu’s search engine is hugely successful in China, where it’s common to hear people respond to a question by saying “go Baidu it” the same way they might say “go Google it” in other parts of the world. In fact, Baidu is almost the ONLY search engine used in the country. You could say it is the Google of China, except in some ways it’s even bigger than that, as Baidu is also a trusted online portal providing extensive information on all kinds of topics relevant to Chinese people’s lives. Baidu is the clear “King of Search” in China, a country where these days, a larger and larger percentage of daily lives of the huge population is lived online.

The world’s largest Chinese website


China’s biggest search engine


700 MILLION active users & over 1 BILLION Mobile users!


90% of searches in China


Baidu, China’s #1 search engine, leader in artificial intelligence, and internet giant, boasts an extremely impressive search volume of 600,000,000. Those massive numbers are due to the fact that 95% of China’s rapidly growing number of netizens turn exclusively to Baidu whenever they want to find something out about anything, in just the same way that most English speakers turn to Google. If they can’t find it on Baidu, they can’t find it at all.

Baidu controls 79 percent of the PC market share and 68 percent of the mobile market share, making it the clear, undisputed leader in the field of Chinese language search. In fact, Baidu is so popular in China that many internet users are unaware that other Chinese language search engines exist! With this kind of market domination, it is clear that marketing through Baidu is the best way to enter the China market and reach the large target market of Chinese citizens. If your product does not appear on Baidu’s search results, the people of China will have no way of hearing about it. For China, it will be just as if it doesn’t exist!


With China’s ‘Great Firewall’ blocking or severely limiting access outside of China, your website may not be reachable from the Chinese mainland. Moreover, Chinese people expect fast website speed and powerful user experience. 

Baidu is built for Chinese people and hence everything is written in Mandarin. But don’t worry, we can help! TocToc services include everything you need to market your business in China.

Baidu Advertising

Customised campaigns built by Baidu partners, the experts who get the best results (more below)

Website Hosting

Get your website hosted in Hong Kong or China Mainland. We can mirror your Australian site or build a new one

Website Services

Get your FREE top level domain name .CN (based on availability)

Translation Services

Our Professional translators from China will translate your English website into Mandarin. We culturally fit your website so users get the best user experience




It’s a pay-per-click advertising system where businesses can bid on a list of keywords to display their clickable ads at prominent positions in Baidu's search results.
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A system akin to sponsored posts on Instagram which is designed for new and unknown brand in China to build brand awareness. Great for businesses with limited budget.
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Similar to search ads but it’s designed for globally well-known brand with medium-high budget to maximise exposure and ensure 24/7 brand protection on a global scale.
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The open-screen ads are displayed every time the users open a Baidu app. It’s a fantastic tool for brands wishing to increase exposure and targeting specific customers.
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  • Covering 95% of Chinese netizens, Baidu locks the client’s target audience with pay-for-performance marketing solutions.
  • The client’s website is recommended through use of purchased keywords and pay-per-click advertisements on the Baidu website and mobile site, making it highly suitable for driving product sales.
  • Text links, picture format sub-links, video formats, smart links, and icons appear on the left and right sides of the search result screens, or at the top of the search results with a special symbol signifying that Baidu has approved the authenticity of the company appearing in the ad.



  • Appearing directly within the information stream on the Baidu app, the Baidu Post Bar, and other Baidu apps, Baidu Feeds ads offer massive amounts of high quality content and media resources.
  • Baidu Feeds ads are shown to users with a higher likelihood of using the advertised services and products according to their user history. Triggered by keywords and user interest, these cost-efficient ads create a very low level of interference for users, increasing positive feeling toward the promoted product.
  • Baidu Feeds ads comprehensively improve advertising promotion effects, reaching users across the entire, vast Baidu network through continually optimized abilities and AI empowered targeting.



  • This platform for new branding releases dramatically improves the branding searching experience with large-format results located on the top of the search format, significantly increasing brand exposure and consumer trust.
  • Efficient, simple, and convenient, use of the Baidu Brand Zone releases information directly to the target audience, and is available in Standard, Premium, and Tailor-made formats, meeting the specific needs of each client.
  • Ads on the Baidu Brand Zone have been shown to increase brand awareness by 2% and increase purchase intention by 7%, making sales for the client quickly and easily.



  • Appearing as a full-screen ad presented immediately to users when opening Baidu apps, the eye-catching Open Screen promotions linger in the subconscious of the user, coming to mind whenever they are ready to make a purchase.
  • Baidu’s Open Screen ads can be targeted to a specific group of users, ensuring that the ads reach the optimal target audience, thereby greatly increasing the effectiveness of the promotion.
  • Brand awareness is greatly increased through repeated exposure, creating a long lasting, positive brand image in the mind of the consumer and increasing click turnover rates by an average of 5%.

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