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We get it. While you are an expert in your industry and understand it, your busy schedule prevents you from penning it down in a book. Distilling all of the information into a format target readers can enjoy is what our eBook writers specialise in. Our writers are industry experts who can incorporate your knowledge into an eBook you will proudly share.

What We Offer

eBook Writing

Get a range of eBooks written from our eBook writing services. Our writers can create cookbooks, autobiographies, novels, among others. Just give them a topic and see for yourself.


A dedicated editor examines each draft that we sent over for errors, Copyscape issues, grammar and syntax. That way, we know that the final product will be ready to share immediately.


Publishing guidelines can be stringent and complex. But, whether you want us to publish your book on iBookStore, Amazon, Clickbank or any other platform, we can do it all. Just let us know where you wish to market your book, and we will publish it for you.


Contrary to popular belief, books are judged by their covers. So whether you need 3D covers, flat covers or print covers, let us know your requirements, and we will design the cover accordingly.

How Can An eBook Help With Online Marketing Efforts?

A book is a treasure trove of information you can share with your target readers. The material can attract leads which in turn can increase your credibility across different channels. Offer it as a downloadable and free resource and see your online traffic skyrocket.

These books can also be recycled as pillar pages or long landing pages that will give your readers a sneak preview of what to expect. These are attractive to search engine bots, unlike gated eBooks, which require email addresses to be accessible.

What You Get From Our eBook Writing Services

Knowledgeable writers

Our knowledgeable and in-house expert writers are truly passionate about writing. In addition, many of them have strong educational backgrounds in communication, business and arts, while others are engineers, doctors and even PhDs. As such, the sky is the limit when it comes to eBook topics they can tackle.

Professional Editors

Our editors monitor our eBook projects from the outline to the concluding chapter, ensuring that the flow, tone of voice and research materials are top-notch. They were writers themselves before they were handpicked by management for their attention to detail. Their promotion to editors has allowed us to streamline our eBook production with little to no cancellations.

Unlimited Revisions

eBook writing is organic. Our writers don't rewrite content they find online. They create content from scratch. In some cases, our clients may have a change of heart regarding chapters, tone and may want to flip the script. We offer unlimited revisions to ensure the final drive is to your expectations, even if it means changing writers in the middle.

Qualified Designers

Even the best eBook will gather dust if it doesn't pop on virtual bookshelves. Our experienced and qualified designers can give your book a personality with bespoke formatting and graphics. We can also create an eye-catching cover that your readers cannot help but click on.

Dedicated Project Managers

While our editors make sure that each draft that is sent is perfect, our project managers ensure all of your books remain on track. They will remain in touch with you from day one until you approve the final draft and your eBook's design.

Round The Clock Support

While our team is on a strict 8-hour schedule to ensure they get enough rest to handle each project perfectly, that doesn't mean you have to wait for them to come on. If you have queries about your eBook or want to give feedback, contact us via our 24/7 chat hotline on our website. A friendly and knowledgeable customer representative will always be on hand to assist you and ensure your message reaches the intended recipients.

ISBN Issuance

Getting your book registered as per international standards can be a painstaking process. If you want, we can get your eBook ISBN registered, so you don't have to go through the hassle on your own.

Online Publishing

Why sell it in bookstores where it may be hidden by other books when we can market it online for you? Get online traffic and make money at the same time!

Range Of Printing Options

If you want to see your book in print, you don’t have to go knocking on a publisher’s door to make that dream a reality. We can format your eBook in paperback or hardcover and will send it to your doorstep if needed. Chat with one of our sale representatives if you want to know more about our eBook writing services.

How our eBook Writing Service Works

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

A Toc Toc project manager will match you with a writer who is the perfect fit for you.

Step 2

After going through the details you provide, the writer will create an outline for the eBook with a Table of Contents and a short intro for your approval.

Step 3

Once you finalise the outline, the writer will send regular drafts for your approval to provide feedback on. We offer unlimited revisions till you are 100% satisfied.

Step 4

Once the book is completed, we will send a beautifully designed cover to you in the format of your choice.

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