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Perhaps no online metric for conversions is as influential as a good landing page. Every website has it, but not everyone does it right. You can use various tactics to create a convincing and informative entry point to your website, and we’ve narrowed them down to three that are most likely to skyrocket your conversion rate. Let’s get started.

1. Use Testimonials

It’s easy to praise your own product, but what drives the likelihood of site visitors converting is customers selling your brand for you. Word-of-mouth is a more powerful tool than ever in the modern era, where everyone has a voice through the internet.

Over 90% of people attest to reading reviews before purchasing a product, with 88% saying they trust peer reviews more than messages from the brand.

Many businesses make the mistake of locking positive client feedback on a dedicated testimonials page in hopes of having a simpler landing page. However, modern trends indicate that your landing page can be an excellent way to showcase your brand reputation and garner an immaculate first impression.

WikiJob, an online database of practice reasoning texts, increased conversions by over 30% solely by having testimonials front-and-centre on their landing page.

2. High-Quality Images

The importance of visuals on your landing page cannot be stressed enough. Website design drives your client’s first impression over 90% of the time, with your site’s visuals affecting buyer perception within fractions of a second.

When choosing images for your landing page, modern trends are synonymous with “stark”, “minimal”, and “authentic”

Apple has been following this practice for years, churning out attractive visuals with each new product they launch that keep visitors stuck like glue. The contrasting backdrop behind the various colours their iPhones come in makes for a visual that embeds the new designs into their viewers’ minds.

iPhones and Google Pixels on a contrasting background

1. Limit Choices Whenever Possible

While providing visitors with as many choices as possible, it may seem like you are increasing your site’s functionality. Sometimes it does the exact opposite. Nowadays, the sign of an effective landing page is that it gives meaningful choices and doesn’t confuse its audience.

When Clarks, the renowned shoe company, A/B tested their site by switching out a carousel slider design with a static banner, they saw a monumental 18% increase in conversions.

Expert Web Design Services In Canberra with TocToc

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when designing landing pages. Each industry, target market, and business structure requires a landing page that caters to its various individual nuances.

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