Copywriting 101: The Ultimate Guide for Creating A Compelling Copy

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You may put your heart and soul into your website copy, explaining every facet of your product or service in detail, but still not get the kind of conversion rate you were hoping for.

A good copy focuses on getting users to take action, whether it’s increasing sign-ups to mailing lists, likes for your social media pages, or clicks on checkout.

The words used in your sales copy can make a huge impact. For instance, by changing only a few words in their call-to-action copy, Unbounce increased its customer conversion rate by almost double.

Even though plenty of software tools can help you write copy, you still need the human element to make it effective. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to write copies that will drive sales and attract customers.

1. Write According to Your Audience

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, over half of the consumers are willing to give their data to companies to get a personalised experience.

To ensure that your copy is written for the right audience, start by creating a buyer persona. This will help you address the reader more accurately and pitch to them in a way that makes them most likely to convert.

2. Finding The Right Tone

The goal of writing well is not only to choose the right words but also to give prospective customers a deeper understanding of who you are as a person. Using the right tone can help identify your ideal customer’s personality traits.

Here’s an example of a copy for a software company:

“Understand your customers better using state-of-the-art software designed to take your business from zero to hero.”

Not too bad. Now, look at how just a few power words can make your business sound more assertive:

“Gain a deeper understanding of your customers using our AI-powered sales software. SellingPlus software helps streamline your sales funnel and drive revenue.”

Feel the difference? Your readers surely will.

3. Bank on Your Uniqueness

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The rise of globalisation and the increasing number of people buying and selling online has given people more options, with online sales seeing a YOY growth of 31.8% in Australia.

Despite the rise of more consumer options, this doesn’t mean that businesses will be able to compete with the new players. Instead, you need to focus on what sets you apart from the rest, which also needs to reflect in your copy.

The primary role of your copies is to tell prospective clients how their problems can be solved with your product. So, every time you’re writing for your company, whether it’s for your website, social media, or emails, always remember to highlight your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

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