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Marketing for the fashion industry has always required finesse and some flair, and content marketing is no different. Capitalise on the classical and the latest trends with our fashion writers, each experienced in helping you stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

Let’s Make a Show of Your Knowledge on All Things Fashion!

Marketing to fashion designers or experts requires a delicate balance between providing information and being promotional – and even then, you must remain classy. To stand out in the fashion industry, you need content that helps you capitalise on the trends du jour.

Our fashion writers are here to help you establish your brand as an authority on all things fashion by showcasing your love for the craft and eye for diamonds in the rough. From blog posts and magazine articles to brochures and fashion designer web pages, nothing is off the table!

Presenting Fashion Writers Who Are Well-Versed With the Latest Developments

It takes someone who has seen the industry up close to write content for the fashion industry. Hence, we make a point of only hiring experts with relevant experience in the field and those passionate about it. We train each individual on SEO practices, improving their writing and fashion writing capabilities immensely before assigning them to you.

Our fashion writers’ portfolio includes, but isn’t limited to:

Product reviews







Clothing Lines and more

Social Media copywriting

Social media posts

Social media ads

Web Content

Including landing pages



Fashion Show Highlights/News

Fashion Newsletters

Emails (internal & external), and more.

From models having walked the walkway to fashion designers, makeup artists, and a wide range of other fashion experts, you’ll find them all at Toc Toc. Let us help you make the most out of your online presence!

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