Follow These 6 Landing Page Design Practices For Greater Conversions

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A landing page is vital to any digital marketing campaign, as it can help you convert potential customers into leads. It can also help you establish a strong relationship with your target market. Businesses must ensure that their landing page draws a fine balance between convincing and informative.

At TocToc, we believe that an excellent landing page is the cornerstone of successful web design services. To help our readers better appraise their landing pages, here’s a list of the six best practices you must incorporate. Let’s get started!

1.   A Headline Focused on Benefits

One of the most important factors you should consider when creating a landing page is the number of people who will bounce off the page. This figure is usually kept low by ensuring that your visitors know what’s in it right away. Your headline should be concise and focused on what you’re offering.

2.   A Compelling Copy

Don’t spend a lot of time searching for the ideal image for your headline. Instead, focus on creating compelling copy to sell your call to action. It should be clear and concise, helping your visitors navigate the steps you want them to take.

3.   Make Offers and Discounts Prominent

The lead form should be easy to access, and you don’t want your potential customers to waste their time looking for your offer on your landing page. Having it above the fold is a good way to ensure that it’s in view as soon as they open the page. You can also add an anchor link to the form to help keep it in view as the user navigates the page.

4.   Call-To-Action

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The most important element that you should consider when it comes to creating a landing page is the call to action. The CTA button should be designed to stand out from the rest of the page, and it should be accompanied by a colour that contrasts with the other elements. An effective way to make sure that your visitors are clear about what they’re looking for is by using an action verb, such as “download,” “submit,” or “get it now.”

5.   Make Your Offers Relevant

In order words, an offer that attracts your core target market by informing or incentivising. As an online marketing agency in Canberra, our offer can be something like: “10 Simple Ways to Market Your Business Online in Canberra.” Your ultimate goal is to convince your potential customers to buy your product or service, and that’s why you’ll likely be asking them to do so.

Versatile Web Design Services in Canberra with TocToc

A landing page is a vital part of your lead’s journey to your ultimate offer, which is your service or product. It should be designed to catch their attention and provide them with the necessary contact information to complete their purchase. Having a well-designed landing page can help boost your sales.

If you’re looking to incorporate the latest industry trends and best practices on your website, consider partnering with TocToc; with years of experience helping businesses from various industries establish an online presence, we have the tools needed to stand out and rank higher on SERPs through our web design and development solutions.


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