Here’s How Twitter’s Campaign Planner Can Help Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

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In June 2022, Twitter launched a new forecasting tool called the Campaign Planner. The announcement came after six months of testing and was excellent news for managed advertisers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan who could use it for their Twitter ads strategy. In October, Twitter expanded its forecasting tool access across the globe. Currently, the Campaign Planner is available to 18 international markets, including Australia.

Twitter’s Campaign Planner is a way for Twitter advertisers to predict and manage their social media marketing campaign results before proceeding with their strategies. It’s an estimation tool that assesses different variables to provide an in-depth overview of the expected results. Safe to say, it’s a crucial instrument for your social media marketing strategy.

Our digital marketing agency in Canberra can help you use Twitter’s Campaign Planner. Keep reading to learn why you need this tool and how our social media marketing service can help you.

What is Twitter Campaign Planner?

As stated above, Twitter’s all-new feature is a tool that advertisers can use to estimate results before a campaign goes live. The tool allows advertisers to forecast impressions, reach, cost per mille (CPM), average frequency, and other factors to predict the efficacy of an ad campaign.

Using this tool, advertisers can forecast elements against variables such as campaign audience and duration. They can also determine the budget needed for auction-based campaigns and acquire crucial information regarding the costs needed to reach a specified audience. Additionally, the Campaign Planner allows them to initiate campaigns directly from the forecasting tool.

Twitter’s latest forecasting tool is a way for advertisers to get a deeper understanding of their target audience, including the size and budget involved. You can access the tool from your Twitter Ads account and enter your plan details to get started.

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How to Use the Campaign Planner to Your Advantage

The Campaign Planner may appear a little intimidating at first, but our digital marketing experts can help you navigate the tool and implement the best practices. Here’s what you need to remember:

Twitter Recommended Settings

Twitter has listed recommendations for maximising the usage of the Campaign Planner. These recommendations are based on research conducted by their marketing experts and outline tips for advertisers to kick-start their campaigns.

It should be noted, however, that while these recommendations are generally effective, they may not be the best fit for your particular campaign. You should use these recommendations as guidelines and adjust your campaigns according to your specific requirements. This may involve a little trial and error testing initially.

Reach & Frequency

Every campaign needs a core audience. Determine yours before setting goals and forecasting results. Once you know who you’ll be targeting, use a higher level of weekly frequency for the best results.

This may require budget adjustments, as you’ll be aiming for optimal reach and frequency. However, the results are expected to be according to your needs as this would also lead to increased brand awareness.

Campaign Length

Another thing to consider when using the Campaign Planner is the length of your campaign. How long do you intend to run your Twitter campaign? Will the proposed timeline be enough to generate the desired results?

It’s recommended to lengthen your campaign duration. The longer you let your campaigns run for, the more time you’ll have to create brand recognition. Dedicate at least 5 weeks for your campaign to build momentum, and let it run for an additional 6-8 weeks so your audience can resonate with it. This will also help ensure your message doesn’t get lost without making an impact and stays relevant.

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Is Twitter’s Campaign Planner Right For You?

Twitter’s Campaign Planner is still a new tool and many marketers are sceptical of its effectiveness. Here’s the thing, though: Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in Australia. If you aren’t using the platform—and its new features—to your advantage, you’re missing out.

The Campaign Planner is a useful tool for all sorts of businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Twitter Ads for the first time or wish to improve your ad campaign performance. Twitter’s latest tool is the perfect way to assist you in your advertising goals and estimate results. The Campaign Planner is especially effective for:

  • Business owners who want to determine if their ads are actually reaching their target audience.
  • Small business owners considering increasing their advertising budget. They can use the Campaign Planner to forecast the ads campaign performance before proceeding with the investment.
  • Business owners testing waters with a new service, product, or offer. The tool can be used to assess the potential reach their ads will have and help business owners determine user interest in their new product.
  • Business owners who’ve been unsuccessful with their previous ad campaigns and are looking for ways to improve their strategy. The Campaign Planner can help them gauge various elements and make the necessary adjustments to their campaigns for better results.

The Campaign Planner is still in its initial months of operation. It’s highly likely that Twitter may announce additional features or modify the forecasting tool to cater to customer expectations, goals, and experiences. The sooner you get started, the better!


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