How Does TocToc Promote Travel Businesses in Australia?

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Reaching the target customers is the main purpose of any marketing strategy. With the advancement of technologies, digital marketing or internet marketing has overpowered the other traditional and conventional marketing tactics and introduced new business prospects for different industries. Digital marketing basically is any kind of marketing effort that involves the usage of electronic devices like computers, smartphones, etc., and the internet. The significance of digital marketing mainly lies in its vast reach. By using the online platforms, a business can reach with their products and services to the maximum number of customers benefiting itself. For affordable digital marketing services, hire TocToc, as we are the best digital marketing company in Newcastle.


Why investing in digital marketing proves to be beneficial for your travel website?

If you want your money to work for you, you need to acquire the knowledge of the most gainful investment strategies, and investing in digital marketing for promoting travel business always proves to be a profitable venture. The travel and tourism industry has always utilised the latest digital marketing strategies for its growth and expansion. The travel industry sells experiences and the fact that people today are depending primarily on the digital platforms for all their travel needs has enhanced the dependency of this industry on digital marketing. 


We, at TocToc, always try to provide our clients with innovative digital marketing strategies that will add something extra to their travel websites and make the user experience unique and meaningful.   


What are the Digital Marketing strategies applicable to a Travel Company in Melbourne?

With the massive competition that the tourism industry is facing in the present day, every travel business entity is trying to make the best utilisation of the digital platforms. Our expert and experienced digital marketing consultants in Canberra can help you gain an edge over your competitors. Our internet marketing experts design strategies that can provide website users with rich and relevant information and generate revenue for the travel business.


Digital Tourism Marketing Company Sydney


We are a Digital Tourism Marketing Company offering services in Sydney, Victoria, Canberra, and other major cities in Australia. Our effective digital marketing campaigns for travel companies have the following indispensable characteristics that are synonymous to success:


  • An informative and appealing SEO-friendly website – Garnering the largest number of leads is the main objective of an SEO-friendly website. The travel websites offer options like online bookings, reservations, car rental services, and alike, and for all these, depending on the digital marketing strategies is a requisite. 


  • Implementation of SEO strategies – Optimising a website is a continuous process as the Google algorithm that affects website ranking changes frequently.  Various search engine optimisation techniques, such as link building, updating meta tags, creating keyword-specific content – blogs, articles, videos, images, infographics, PPTs, etc., are used to achieve increased website traffic and a coveted place in the SERPs. 
  • Creating a strong social media presence – Today, people spend a good amount of time on social networking sites. So, your travel and tourism business has to have an active social media presence. A visually appealing topic like travel and tourism is ideal for social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also connect with the travel industry bloggers through social media. As an SMO Agency in Canberra, we offer services of Social Media Marketing for Travel Companies in Melbourne to make the maximum utilisation of the social media platforms.


Best SEO Travel Companies Australia


  • Diving into the benefits of Email Marketing – It doesn’t necessarily mean sending hundreds of emails to the target customers, rather, sending personalised emails to the customers informing them about various offers, the latest holiday packages, special deals, membership offers, etc., and showing that your company cares for their preferences. Transactional emails regarding booking status updates and special emails on birthdays and anniversaries can also be sent to the customers.


  • The importance of unique and original content – Content is king in digital marketing and when it comes to a travel and tourism website, content should come more as visuals rather than texts. Graphic content like pictures, videos, and infographics, should be present on the website to attract visitors. The content as well as the HTML source codes of the pages are optimised by our experts to improve the position of the website in the SERPs.


  • Enhancing the mobile-friendliness – Today, a majority of people access the internet using their smartphones and so, creating a mobile-friendly website for your travel business is a must. The travellers plan their travel itinerary by sourcing information from various websites. We use digital marketing techniques in popularising your travel website among mobile users.


  •  Paying importance to customer ratings and reviews – As the best digital marketing agency in Brisbane, we connect you to your customers and gather positive feedback, rating, and reviews from them, which can be added to the testimonial section of your travel website. This is important because the potential customers usually check the ratings and reviews before hiring a travel company.


So, hire us as your trusted digital marketing partner and let us take your travel business to new heights.

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