How Local SEO Can Work for Your Business

Schematics illustrating local SEO

Over the years, Google algorithms have undergone a lot of improvements and extensions. Today, Google search algorithms also take into account the proximity factor while indexing a website. Google’s decision to cater to local online searches has also paved the way for local SEO.

Today, every business that serves clients in a particular geographical radius needs to work on its local SEO. Why you need to improve your local SEO and how it can serve your business? Let’s find out.

Your Business Will Become Visible to 46% of All Google Searches

Statistics indicate that around 46% of all Google searches are carried out to find local businesses and information. When your website is optimised through local SEO measures, your business becomes visible for the relevant keywords in all those search queries that contain local intent.

You Will Pick Audience That Is Already at the End of the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is an important component of all sorts of marketing efforts including digital campaigns. When you launch any digital marketing campaign, you have to usually begin from the top of the sales funnel (awareness).

From there, you push and persuade the audience down the sales funnel to turn them into leads, prospects, and then customers. In other words, you need to run your marketing campaigns from top to bottom of the sales funnel to generate business.  It takes time and requires quite an effort. In that sense, local SEO efforts provide an inherent advantage.

When people search for a product or service in their vicinity, they are already near the bottom of the sales funnel. They are already qualified prospects who easily become customers with little to no persuasion. By working on your local SEO, you can make yourself available to that valuable consumer group.

So, if your local SEO game is strong, you can generate more sales at a quick pace.

You Can Stand Out Among Local Competitors

When you and your competitors are offering the same value proposition, standing out in the market with your enterprise becomes difficult. Local SEO can help you in this aspect as well. By optimising your website for local searches, you can have better visibility on the search engine as compared to your competitor. For instance, if you manage to end up in Local 3-pack, you will get more business on the digital medium than the majority of your competitors.

How to Improve Local SEO?

From optimising and updating your Google My Business profile to focusing on local link-building, there are many ways to improve your local SEO. Watch my brief and simple explainer on how to quickly improve your local SEO to get a better insight.  If you need help with improving the local SEO of your business website, get in touch with Toc Toc.

Besides local SEO, Toc Toc can also take care of the overall optimisation of your website. Moreover, you can get our experts on board to create and launch social media and email marketing campaigns for tangible results. In short, Toc Toc can be your digital marketing partner, helping you increase your sales and staying ahead of your competitors.

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