How to Increase Your Domain Authority

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Domain Authority (DA) is a measure of how well a website is likely to perform in a niche. It is a metric developed by Moz and uses a ranking system to assign DA scores between 0 and 100 to different websites. The higher the DA score (e.g., DA 80), the higher the website’s (or the domain’s) authority.

The domain authority isn’t an absolute measure of success. Instead, it predicts success, telling users how well a website is likely to perform. DA scores aren’t officially used by Google. They’re simply a way of assessing what your website’s chances are in generating greater organic traffic and ranking higher on search engine results pages.

Having a high DA score will not automatically allow your website to rank higher in the SERPs. However, it will help determine and establish your authority in a specific niche. Domain authority helps businesses build credibility and attract more users to their websites. Here’s what our digital marketing agency suggests you do to increase your domain authority.

Acquire High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinking plays a huge role in establishing domain authority. A backlink directs users from Point A (an external website) to Point B (your website). If a website links to your platform in its content, the practise is known as backlinking. This is an effective way for businesses to tap into a wider audience and receive more web traffic through external platforms.

Backlinking is even more useful if the websites linking to your platform are high authority platforms themselves. For instance, if credible and renowned websites such as Forbes and Business Insider link to your website, you’re essentially getting a thumbs-up from reputable platforms. These backlinks would be considered high DA backlinks and will improve your domain authority as well. This is why it’s important to acquire high-quality backlinks for your platform.

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You can get high DA backlinks by paying for them. However, for a more sustainable solution, you’ll need to improve your web content and interface. Platforms that link to your website will only do so if you add value to them in some way or another, even if you’re buying backlinks. If your website isn’t up to par, you’ll only achieve short-term success with paid backlinking. Make sure you work with a professional digital marketing company for the best backlinking practises.

Improve Your Internal Links

You can also improve your domain authority (and your backlinking strategy) by adding quality internal links to your website. Internal links are links to other landing pages or social media pages of your website. For instance, a blog page with links to your main webpage or Facebook page uses internal links.

Internal links help increase domain authority by enhancing user experience. Internet users who visit your website are strategically directed to other informative pages on your platform. This keeps them engaged, effectively reducing your website’s bounce rate. Users refer to internal links to find relevant landing pages for specific queries, navigating your website more easily in the process.

Having a strong internal link structure enables search engine bots to crawl your platform and index your pages. It also serves as a vote of confidence to your website, informing the search engine that your platform is credible and trustworthy. This boosts your domain authority.

Create Link-Worthy Content

We discussed earlier that backlinking can help enhance your domain authority. One way of ensuring you get high DA backlinks is by creating compelling content. Websites are more willing to link to your landing pages if they find your content useful, well-written and structured, and relevant. This means you need to create amazing content to stand out and get backlinks from high-authority websites.

A content marketing service can help you with this. You can experiment with multiple content formats to generate organic web traffic. For starters, your web copy needs to be immaculate. You can also include blogs, long-form articles, videos, and infographics in your content marketing strategy. Think of the most popular pages on your website and the services/topics you want to rank high for. This will help you create more focused and informative content that’s directly relevant to your business. You can even include videos and infographics on your website to drive more traffic.

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Compelling content promotes natural link building. Someone may find your website or article, appreciate what you’ve written, and link your pages to their website without you asking them to.  The more insightful, engaging, optimised, and relevant your content is, the more likely it is to benefit readers and boost your domain authority.

Improve Your Site Structure

Finally, make sure your website is user-friendly. Compelling content and credible backlinks can’t make up for a poor navigating experience. Site structure is also taken into account when assessing domain authority, and a poorly developed website can tarnish your chances.

Firstly, a proper site structure allows search engines to crawl your website. Secondly, it enhances user experience. To ensure your website is easy to use, you should:

  • Improve its page speed
  • Optimise it for mobile
  • Create a sitemap
  • Add security plugins
  • Remove and fix broken links

Consult professional web developers for more guidance on creating and redesigning websites.

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Building domain authority requires practise and patience. You won’t get backlinks overnight or rank high because of one good blog. Increasing domain authority involves creating a long-term digital marketing strategy.

The team at TocToc can help. Our digital marketing experts provide comprehensive search engine optimisation marketing, content marketing services, website design and development, graphic design, social media marketing, and other online marketing services to help businesses establish a high domain authority.

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