How to Optimise Instagram Reels Like a Pro

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Instagram Reels aren’t just popular; they’re wildly popular. Short, fun, and engaging, Instagram Reels are short, multi-clip videos that entertain people.

As a business, you can use reels to highlight your products/services, launch new products/services, tease giveaways, offer a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action, share industry expertise, and do a lot more. The sky is the limit; there are no rules as far as content selection goes!

Owing to their brevity, Instagram reels are immensely popular. They don’t take up a lot of people’s time. As a result, Instagram users end up watching dozens of reels a day.

Creating Instagram reels is only half the game. Once your video is ready to go, it’s time to optimise it for superior performance. If you’re struggling to figure out how to optimise your Instagram reels, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Keep reading for a closer look at five ways to make your reels stand out.

1. Add a Clever Call-to-Action (CTA)

If your Instagram Reel doesn’t include a clever call-to-action (CTA), it’s time to go back and edit it. Yes, informing or entertaining your audience is important. However, you’re not just creating Instagram Reels for fun; you’re doing it purposefully as a business owner.

Make sure you conclude each Reel with a CTA that encourages viewers to take any kind of positive action: buy your products/services, subscribe to your newsletter, check out your blog, read your brand’s online reviews, and so on. This is a great way to squeeze as much juice out of your Instagram Reels as possible.

Your CTA should be short and catchy, not long and cheesy. Once you master the art of crafting brilliant CTAs for your Instagram Reels, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your traffic, likes, comments, and follower count. This will not happen overnight. Stay put, keep adding terrific CTAs to your reels, and wait for the results to crystallise.

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2. Don’t Let Trends Escape From Your Hands a marketing team discussing trends for their social media campaign

Instagram reels mostly cover hot topics and trends. If you see a cool industry-specific trend, jump on the bandwagon ASAP! The sooner you create Reels around relevant topics, the better. You’ll manage to reel in a wide audience and gain more traction.

Be careful; the rush to release a timely Reel can result in easily avoidable mistakes. Yes, striking while the iron is hot is critical. However, this doesn’t mean that you put together a low-quality video within a couple of minutes and post it.

Quality always takes precedence over everything else. If you’re covering a time-sensitive topic or trend, make sure you release a polished video. If you require a little more time to refine the video, don’t hesitate to delay the process (albeit slightly).

A well-crafted Reel will ultimately help you create more buzz around your Instagram profile. People love Reels that stand out. When yours packs a powerful punch, it’ll get shared more frequently. Keep quality in mind to wow your audience every time.

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3. Use Creative Transitions

Instagram Reels should be exciting and fun, not boring and banal. If your Reel looks like every other Reel on the internet, it won’t stand out.

This is the perfect time to put your creativity hat on! Use creative transitions that make your Reels appear more engaging, refined, and eye-catching. Aesthetic appeal is imperative. In addition to using cool transitions, make sure the Reel itself is visually compelling, not off-putting and overwhelming.

Avoid using too many colours and too much text. A maximalist approach will backfire and overwhelm your audience. When you keep balance intact and think outside the box at the same time, you’ll create magic.

We also recommend paying close attention to the music. Is the video matching the rhythm of the song? There should be no delays; the audio and video should be in sync. A harmonious reel that plays smoothly and beautifully will give your business the attention it deserves.

4. Collaborate with Other Brands

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No, we don’t mean send a collaboration email to your competitors. Create a list of non-competitors who closely relate to your industry or brand. For instance, if you sell laptops in Canberra, you can collaborate with a business that sells laptop covers in Sydney. Or perhaps you can collaborate with a tech influencer.

Collaborations drive greater engagement and put all the brands involved under the limelight. We recommend creating a giveaway Reel. Request your audience to follow each brand’s Instagram page, tag 2–3 people in the comments, repost the Reel (they must have a public account), and like your post. This is a great way to generate greater visibility and traffic.

Collaborations require time and effort. Make sure you create a robust plan before you proceed. Since you’re working with another party, you’re not the only one calling the shots. Respect their wishes, find common ground, and achieve a smooth partnership that benefits all parties involved.

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5. Leverage the Power of SFX

Post-production special effects (SFX) are a lifesaver. You can easily turn a boring video into a tour de force by using the right graphics, text, augmented reality (AR) effects, captions, speed controls, and so on.

As we discussed before, avoid going overboard. Use SFX wisely and moderately to give your reels an edge. If you don’t have experience using a professional editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro, hand the reins over to a social media marketing company that’s equipped with the required tools, skills, experience, and expertise.

From designing to developing to editing to optimising to marketing your Instagram Reels, they’ll take care of everything. This is a great way to reap the benefits of high-quality Instagram Reels that perform exceptionally well!

Create Power-Packed Instagram Reels That Wow Your Audience

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If you want to win your audience over with eye-catching, engaging, and optimised Instagram Reels, turn to an experienced, reputable, and trusted social media marketing company for help.

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