How to Set Up & Optimise Your Google Business Profile in 2023

a business owner setting up their Google Business Profile on their laptop

If you run a local business in Sydney or Canberra, setting up a Google Business Profile (GBP)is a no-brainer. A GBP will put you on Google Maps.

If you run a local coffee store in Canberra, any time a web user looks for “good coffee in Canberra”, your business will show up in the Google Local 3-Pack. This is a big deal. You’ll earn more clicks, conversions, and profit.

A robust, well-maintained, and frequently updated GBP is your golden ticket to a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

In this blog, we’ll help you kick-start the basics. How can you set up and optimise your Google Business Profile in 2023? Keep reading!

1. Claim Your Profile

If you haven’t already claimed your Google Business Profile, do that. Google will request specific business information, including your business name, address, phone number, working hours, category, reviews, and the like. Since Google’s Knowledge Graph uses verified GBP data, your business will start appearing for more specific search results.

Once your profile has been created, a Google Maps location will be generated. This automatically syncs with Google Search to help web users find relevant local businesses. Make sure you promptly verify your business to enhance its online visibility and performance.

2. Use High-Ranking Keywords

a local SEO specialist performing keyword research

Keywords aren’t just important for web content. In fact, they also play a big role in helping your GBP stand out! Just like you’d use keywords for regular content (blogs, articles, etc.), add keywords to your GBP.

Use local keywords. This will help you reach local web users and create more buzz around your business!

We recommend tweaking your keyword plan every month. As new trends, events, holidays, and activities enter the mix, you’ll manage to stay on top of everything and create GBP content that your audience wants to see.

3. Equip Your Profile with High-Quality Images

Did you know that Google Business Profiles with photos receive 42% more requests for directions than listings without any images? They also earn a whopping 35% more click-throughs.

If you want your listing to stand out, supplement it with relevant, high-quality, professionally shot images that add visual excitement to your GBP.

Avoid going overboard. While the images should be eye-catching, they shouldn’t be visually overwhelming. If you add too much colour, you’ll turn away potential clients. Make sure you retain balance to convert your audience!

4. Don’t Leave Anything Out

a marketing team working on a client’s Google Business Profile

The more comprehensive and complete your listing, the better! You’ll rank higher on Google SERPs and turn more eyes towards your brand.

Think about it. Let’s say you’re looking for the best laptop stores in Sydney, and you come across three listings. You know exactly what you want to buy. Out of the three listings, only one displays reviews. It just so happens that one of the reviews is for the exact laptop you have in mind.

These little details go a long way in speeding up the buyer’s journey and facilitating a quick sale. When you provide more information to people, they’ll give your listing precedence over the others. This is an excellent way to earn more sales and get the ball rolling!

Make sure your GBP is complete. These sections should be filled immediately:

  • Name
  • Address
  • URL
  • Phone Number
  • Business Hours

These sections require a tad more time:

  • Category and Attributes
  • Products/Services
  • Q&As
  • Posts
  • Reviews

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5. Ensure Accuracy

Google wants to provide relevant, accurate, and helpful information to web users. If you provide incorrect or erroneous GBP data and Google displays it to web users, they’ll bear the brunt of your shortcoming.

Make sure you provide accurate information without any typos. Ensure NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency across all listings (even those outside Google).

If your business name is stylised differently on GBP, you’ll add a layer of inconsistency to your business. This isn’t a good sign. Accuracy and consistency will make your business appear more legitimate. The outcome? Better rankings.

6. Earn More Google Reviews

If you want people to buy from you, not your competitors, start earning more Google reviews. If you’re struggling to earn reviews organically, request them! There’s nothing wrong with this approach as long as you avoid spamming your audience.

Send them a well-crafted email or social media message with a request for a review. You can also incentivise your audience with a coupon code or giveaway.

7. Create Engaging Posts

a content marketing specialist creating Google Business Profile posts on a laptop

Once you’ve created your Google Business Profile, the work doesn’t end. In fact, it just begins. Fill your GBP with engaging, insightful, and value-added posts. Since your competitors are also creating GBP posts, you can’t afford to churn out run-of-the-mill posts that collect dust.

Make sure your content stands out. Share behind-the-scene videos, discuss exciting new topics, and provide valuable industry insight. GBP posts that stand out perform exceptionally well.

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8. Actively Answer Questions

The GBP Q&A section is extremely useful for web owners. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to respond to queries. If your profile has a ton of unanswered questions, you’re inadvertently holding yourself back from potential sales.

People turn to the Q&A section to answer their questions. Let’s say a web user is curious about the parking situation at your store. They’ll head to the Q&A section hoping to find more information.

If this question has already been answered, jackpot. If not, they’ll have to call your business and directly retrieve this information from you. Calling isn’t as convenient as scrolling through a page and quickly finding the information you want. In many cases, people never end up going through with a call.

To turn more visitors into customers, answer as many questions as possible. This is a great way to climb Google SERPs and make your way to the Google Local 3-Pack. Q&As also add completeness to your GBP, which is exactly what Google wants. Appease Google, and you’re in for stellar local rankings.

Reach More Local Clients with a Robust Google Business Profile

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