How to Strengthen Your Brand Identity on a Budget

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In 2023, modern businesses don’t have the option of neglecting their brand identity. If your brand doesn’t stand out to your target audience, your sales will plummet.

Your brand identity is the personality you present to your audience. Consumers should hold your brand in high regard and feel comfortable purchasing from you. To check this box off the list, you must portray the right image to your audience.

Building trust and credibility is the first step to enjoying a good brand identity. Additionally, you should use actionable branding strategies to set your business apart from the competition.

In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at three ways to strengthen your brand identity on a budget. If you don’t want to empty out your funds, our brand identity improvement guide will help you achieve the desired goal while keeping your business funds in good shape. Let’s begin.

1. Develop a Unique Personality

If your brand is just like every other brand in your industry, people are likelier to forget about it. The goal is to stand out. Your business should have a unique logo, distinct colour palette and design, and customer service that goes above and beyond.

Coles is an excellent example. The brand is known for its classic logo, distinct red and white colour palette, and extremely polite customer service. The brand doesn’t feel like a brand; it feels more like a person with a unique identity.

If you’re on a budget, design your own logo and select a memorable colour theme. Follow this up by launching a unique website with the same visual elements that people associate with your brand. Uniformity is extremely important. When your branding efforts are consistent, people will remember your brand better.

2. Create Your Brand Voice

In 2023, the leading brands have a distinct brand voice. KitKat, for example, is known for its sweet tweets and social media commentary. Pretty apt, right? Here’s an example:

Keep exploring their Twitter page, and you’ll notice that the replies get sweeter with each scroll. Your brand should also have a distinct brand voice. This is a great way to increase brand recall and strengthen your brand identity.

You don’t have to spend a single penny on this technique. Start by setting the right brand voice. If you run a legal firm, your brand voice should be professional yet welcoming. If you sell women’s clothing, your brand voice should be trendy, casual, and fun.

Catch our drift?

Once you’ve developed a brand voice, use it consistently across all platforms. Your brand shouldn’t sound professional on one platform and quirky on another. Consistency will help you develop a strong, unique brand identity.

3. Create Top-of-the-Line, Consistent Content

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Content marketing is a great way to improve your brand identity. Once you start launching high-quality, consistent blogs, you’ll add a touch of uniformity to your business.

Set distinct blogging practices and consistently use them across all content pieces. For example, certain brands strictly use concept illustrations in their blogs. This is a smart tactic as it helps them position themselves as “the brand with custom illustrations”.

You can use any strategy as long as you stick to it. Your blogs should have a shared theme that sets you apart from other brands in your industry. A/B test your blogs to understand what works best. Once you’ve hit the nail on the head, standardise the best blogging practices across all content.

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