Instagram Reels Algorithm Simplified

Woman Capturing Coffee Mug For Instagram

You have a perfect idea for an Instagram reel, crafted a brilliant caption, captured your coffee at a great angle, and the hashtags are on point. You are certainly ready to post.

Hold up!

You forgot about the one thing that could either put your reel right at the top of the newsfeed or drown it to the point your brilliant work barely get any views.

Instagram reel algorithm.

TocToc team has you covered, though. It’s all about understanding how Instagram reels algorithm works.

The Four Factors

The reel algorithm considers the following four factors to determine how you would rank. It takes information from the accounts you don’t follow and those you follow to entertain you with the right content.

  1. Activity of The Users: The type of reels your target audience like, comments, and shares is the type of content that Instagram will show to them. It is important to understand the interests of your target audience and use similar tactics to create the reel.
  2. The History Of Interaction: Some users get reels from creators they don’t follow. How? Instagram also considers the history of interaction the user might have had with the creator, like replying to their comment, sharing their video or posts. This shows interaction with users is crucial.
  3. Quality of The Reel: Instagram also examines the information of the reel to determine its quality. For instance, quality of audio used, the pixels analysis, and the frames. Be sure to use the right tools to create a high-quality video.
  4. The Engagement Of Your Account: Instagram will also consider how you engage with your current audience. Do you get shares, likes and comments? Do you respond to the comments? Again, engagement is vital if you want to reach a wider audience.

Tips To Create Reels The Instagram Algorithm Like

Here are some valuable tips to win with the Instagram reel algorithm:

  • Shoot in vertical format
  • Avoid recycling watermarks from TikTok videos
  • Use music, camera effects, and the works to get noticed
  • Schedule the post for the right time based on the Instagram insights
  • Interact regularly with your audience. Remember this is the key to getting more views!
  • Determine the hashtags most users follow and aim for them
  • Be consistent with the reels

Creating high-quality reels, using the right hashtags, and engaging with your audience us what the algorithm loves and rewards. Be sure to use Instagram insights to see what is working for you.

TocToc experts can create a strong content calendar for your Instagram reels and posts to boost your reach and engagement. Get in touch today!

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