Local SEO Tips – Your Guide to Dominate the Local Search Market

Local SEO is the practice of optimising a website for local customers. Optimising a local business website means targeting an audience who are located in the same geographical area as you are. Local SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy for every small business that operates in a specific region instead of a national or global level. A study conducted in 2017 revealed that 35% of the overall internet traffic is local. It means you can drive more relevant traffic and generate more leads by investing in local SEO. 

It is easy to understand the importance of local SEO but creating a result-driven local SEO strategy is still challenging. Fortunately, TocToc can help you to leverage the power of local SEO. Our team consists of experienced SEO experts who are committed to providing flagship local SEO service in Melbourne and other cities across the globe. You can visit the page and complete the form to get a FREE consultation from our expert SEO executives. We assure you that our local SEO experts will make every possible effort to improve your ranking and give you the much-needed competitive advantage. 

We are one of those rare companies that do not care for clients’ money but their success. Therefore, we publish blogs on a regular interval to educate our readers. The purpose of this post is to help businesses to improve their local SEO performance. Continue reading to know the tips that will help you to improve the local search ranking. 

Optimise Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows owners to promote their business profile. GMB optimisation will help you to rank higher on the Google search engine result page and map. The following tips will help you to optimise your GMB account:

  • Verify your ownership of the business after creating a Google My Business account. 
  • Provide accurate and updated information about your business. 
  • Add your logo, mention your hours of operation, acceptable payment methods, and discuss your products and services with plenty of images. 
  • Encourage customers to review your business and respond to their reviews sincerely. 
  • You can also publish posts using the Google My Business dashboard.

Optimise for Voice Search

Voice search is proliferating, and its growth will continue in the coming years. Therefore, it is essential to optimise your website for how people ask questions when they talk with their devices instead of how they type searches.

Optimise for Mobile

The majority of people are now using their smartphones to perform a search. So, you have to optimise your website better for mobile devices. The following tips will help you with that:

  • Improve the load time of your website. 
  • Use images and text sparingly.
  • Use a bigger font that is easy to read.

We hope that the above tips will help you to improve your local search ranking. However, if you are not confident about your SEO skills, then complete this form to get a free consultation from TocToc. Our expert advice and premium local SEO service in Melbourne can skyrocket your business growth.

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