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SMO for Travel Companies in Melbourne

It is a true fact indeed that social media has entirely changed the way we look at the world today. It largely controls the opinions and experiences of the users regarding various services and products alike. For this reason, today the dependability of the travel business on social media has increased.

Social media has opened a new and significant marketing opportunity for the tourism industry. If you can utilise the social media platforms wisely and dexterously, it will prove to be immensely advantageous for your travel business. And for this, you need to hire social media optimisation services in Canberra offered by TocToc, one of the Best SMO Agency in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and other major cities in Australia.

How can a social media optimisation company in Melbourne help to promote your travel business?

At TocToc, we offer services of SMO for Travel Companies in Melbourne, Victoria, and other Australian cities. We have an expert SMO team of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who can design the most effective and result-oriented social media marketing campaigns for your travel business. Travel is an industry that stands on the foundation of experiences. Every journey or vacation is full of unforgettable experiences. And there are no better platforms for people to share these experiences than social networking sites.  

SMO for Travel Companies in Melbourne

We are a renowned social media optimisation company serving in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, and other cities. And our SMO team can handle your travel company’s social media accounts efficiently, generating leads for you. Besides, we can create the most informative and interesting content for your social networking sites. And this will help you in gathering maximum likes, comments, and shares, resulting in an extensive business reach.

The top 5 social media platforms that can do wonders for a travel agency – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Facebook– This is perhaps the most popular social media platform that you can make the best utilisation. You can have access to a large target audience through Facebook, whom you can reach with your travel services. You can add photos and videos of holiday destinations, promote content, answer customers’ queries, interlink social accounts, advertise your services, and much more.


  • Instagram and Pinterest– Pictures are an essential element of travel and tourism. And so, promoting this business through these major photo-sharing sites is profitable beyond any doubt. The vacationing experiences through pictures can be shared on Instagram that will motivate others to visit the destinations and enjoy the activities. Whereas, through Pinterest, the users can bookmark the pictures of places, food, and activities that they desire to relish during the vacation.

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  • Twitter – Through Twitter, you can gain innumerable followers, communicate with them, connect with your customers, promote your travel content, stay updated about the travel industry news, learn about the latest travel trends, follow travel influencers (influencer marketing), and do a lot more. You can also join conversations through the use of hashtags and links. You can link your Twitter account to your travel and tourism website and other social media accounts.


  • LinkedIn– It is a great platform if you want to run recruitment campaigns, or want to stay connected with important people in the tourism and travel industry. Furthermore, you can also post alluring pictures and content related to travel destinations and vacationing experience, prompting customers to hire your services.

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Travel Companies in Melbourne

Some strategies that Social media marketing for travel companies in Melbourne focuses on

TocToc, as a distinguished SMO Company in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra, follows the most effective approaches to promote your travel business via social media. 

  • We promote your holiday package deals and other attractive offers through your company’s social media accounts.
  • Facebook has some free social media marketing tools that can be put to the best use. You can offer giveaways and attractive travel vouchers to your customers.
  • Through user-generated content and images, travel and tourism marketing can be best done. Moreover, sharing the content of notable influencers (photographers, travel enthusiasts, bloggers, etc.) also attracts the customers. This content influences their travel decisions and choice of services to a great extent.
  • Creating a blog section for travel-related content plays a great role in attracting traffic to your travel website. Our SMO and SEO experts at TocToc can do that and much more for you.

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