On-Page SEO: 2022 Update

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On-page SEO is a powerful tool that can help bring in new customers and drive conversions on your website. It gives digital marketers the liberty to set the tone and goals of each page, allowing them to choose their target audience.

It’s also a constantly-evolving process. To help guide you through the process, we’ve created a checklist to help you get started in 2022.

1. High-Quality Page Content

The most important aspect of on-page SEO is the creation of high-quality content. You must identify the keywords and topics that help search engines find your site and readers find your content. You can also use tools such as UberSuggest, AnswerthePublic, and Ahrefs.

2. Page Titles

Each page title describes the various sections of your website and tells search engines what they can find.

The best practice regarding creating a page title is to incorporate the keyword naturally. Although Google doesn’t have a character limit, it’s important to keep it under 60 to ensure that it displays properly.

Your SEO efforts may be useless if your titles get cut off in search results. Not only does keyword stuffing negatively affect the quality of your content, but modern search engines are also smart enough to prevent it from benefiting your website’s rankings.

3. Headers

Body tags also referred to as headers, are the text that describes the various sections of your website. They help search engines distinguish the most relevant and important parts of your content from the rest. Instead of having the same keywords in both your <h1> and <h2> headers, choose the ones that are most important to you.

4. Meta Descriptions

Although it’s not a ranking factor for search engines, meta descriptions can still influence whether or not a page is viewed. They can also be copied and shared on social media to encourage click-throughs.

A good meta description should be around 160 characters, although Google will sometimes allow longer ones.

5. Image Alt-Text

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Good image alt-text is like an SEO strategy for your images. It helps search engines understand your site and delivers relevant and engaging results. Since Google now delivers more image-based results than text-based ones, consumers may be more inclined to discover your site through your images.

You must add alt-text to get the most out of your images. Make sure that you have a clear and specific goal and that it’s relevant to the broader content of your site. You should also keep in mind that you should only use keywords that are relevant to your page.

6. Structured Markup

The process of marking up your website’s source code is known as structured data. It’s used to make it easier for search engines to find and understand various parts of your site’s content. Some of the featured content features that search engines display include knowledge panels, featured snippets, and other content features.

It’s also how your page information is displayed when someone shares it on social media. Not only is structured data considered an integral part of technical SEO strategy, but it’s also important to optimise it to improve the on-page experience of your site visitors.

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SEO is never a one-and-done process. It’s important to continuously improve and develop it to help search engines find and understand your site. Looking to implement the best SEO marketing services for your business and drive your online growth? TocToc has helped numerous businesses unleash the potential of the internet and helped them drive their sales through content marketing, website design, and email marketing services.

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