Which SEO approach Do You Need?

Different businesses require different SEO methods to grow. Get the best results by choosing the type of SEO optimisation you’re looking below:


Target Market: Local Customers

If the bulk of your customer’s come from your surrounding region, local SEO will help new customers in your area discover your business.

Local SEO keywords: ‘Best restaurants Brisbane’ or ‘Dental implants Oakton’.


Boost your local visibility to drive more foot traffic, leads & sales

Add trust & authenticity by appearing on Google Maps

Gain a competitive edge on other local businesses

Enhanced ability to manage your online reputation

Save money on other advertising thanks to high ROI


Target Market: Customers across the country (Australia, USA, UK or UAE)

If your business trades across the whole country, then you’ll want to generate national, rather than local, rankings for your targeted keywords.

National SEO keywords: ‘Best debt collection agency Australia’ or ‘Hire Freelancers USA’.


Capture high-intent website traffic and get more leads & sales

Build brand recognition on a national stage

Expand your customer base and explore new market segments

Higher long-term ROI than traditional advertising (print, TV, radio, etc.)


Target Market: Worldwide Customers

If you’re selling in multiple different countries or have plans to in the near future, global SEO will help you break into new markets and attract new international customers.

Global SEO keywords: ‘Best nutrition label software’ & ‘Nutrition food label maker’


Grow your business by capturing large audiences from around the globe

Target country-specific keywords for maximum visibility

Develop your global presence and become a recognisable international brand

Create tailored content that resonates with different audiences.


If you’re selling products over the web via an online store then, eCommerce SEO is what you need to power-up your profits.

eCommerce SEO keywords: ‘Women’s leather bags’ or ‘Buy headphones online’


Build evergreen traffic and reduce reliance on paid advertising

Increase profit margins with a more cost-effective acquisition strategy

Fill your brand’s marketing funnel with value-packed content

Drive more conversions by building trust & lasting value through content

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