Should You Create a Mobile App for Your Business?

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Once upon a time mobile apps were associated with big brands and e-commerce businesses. This has changed drastically over the years. Today, there seems to be an app for just about everything, irrespective of the brand size or industry.

This is hardly surprising, considering the rapidly increasing Australian smartphone user population. According to statistics, there will be approximately 23.6 smartphone users in Australia by 2026, and what’s a better way to cater to them than to provide them with a business app they can access on their devices?

Here are a few benefits of having business mobile apps.

They Make You More Visible to Customers

Statistics show that Australian adults typically spend an average of 2.5 hours on their smartphones daily. A significant portion of this time is spent juggling between different apps for various purposes. For instance, a person may use a social media app, banking app, dating app, gaming app, food app, and notes app during the day. In addition to these apps, they’re also likely to use the dozens of other apps on their phone as and when required.

The bottom line: business mobile apps are extremely important to enhance brand visibility. A person may not use your app daily, but they’ll remember your brand because of the app’s presence on their device. They’ll also know that they can access your business via the app whenever they want. Thus, even when they’re not using your app, they’ll be aware of your brand and seeing the app icon or notification will boost your visibility.

They Help Enhance Brand Recognition

Speaking of awareness, that’s another thing a mobile app is good for. Yes, people who download your business app are subconsciously aware of its presence even when they’re not using it, but there’s more to brand awareness than this. Apps also help create brand recognition.

Think of a mobile app as a blank billboard sign. You can design it however you want to attract more users and get the message across. The more thought you put into styling and personalising your mobile app, the more effective it’s going to be for your branding strategy. It will help you make your mark in the industry, and a stellar design can make your brand stand out and gain a reputation for its unique app. This will enhance your brand recognition.

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Moreover, you can use push notifications and text messaging to keep app users updated of new products, services, promotions, events, news, or any other brand-specific information you wish to share. Mobile apps that use push notifications can help keep customers and clients engaged over time. This will further allow app users to remember your brand and keep up with the latest developments. Moreover, effective app design and marketing strategies will also compel them to use your app more frequently.

They Improves User Experience & Engagement

One of the many reasons for the popularity of mobile phones and smart devices is that they allow users to do things online. They can make online payments and purchases, access and share information, subscribe to different channels, and do a dozen other tasks without needing anything other than their devices. Naturally, they opt for dedicated apps that streamline these operations instead of using the web portal.

Business mobile apps help enhance customer experience and engagement. They allow users to easily place orders, sign up for services, and access necessary information through easy navigation. Since mobile apps are designed for smartphones, users don’t have to worry about adjusting the screen size or scrunching their eyes to view the content.

The easy and quick access also makes it easier for customers to engage with brands. In fact, many brands offer app-only campaigns to attract and retain customers. They may also offer special discounts or offers on apps, improving customer relationships.

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They’re Excellent Marketing Tools

Finally, business mobile apps serve as excellent marketing and communication tools. You can use your customised app to deliver specialised messaging, collect contact information, and manage contests and campaigns. The insights gathered through mobile app metrics can help you develop long-term campaigns to address specific challenges or demands.

For instance, let’s say your restaurant introduces promotional deals on its app that aren’t available on your regular website. You can use the campaign to determine how many customers used the discounts, which deals were more popular, and customer demographics. You may also encounter certain unforseen challenges along the way. The app will help you gain valuable consumer behaviour insights and identify which areas you need to improve in. This will help you optimise future promotional deals, catering to your audience and improving your services.

Additionally, you can rely on other metrics to determine app performance. This will allow you to evaluate who’s using your app, when they’re using it, how frequently they’re using it, and what’s holding other people back from using your app. You may also use customer feedback and patterns to introduce new features, repair bugs, and provide your audience with a more streamlined and optimised experience.

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