Site Structure: How to Create a Solid Foundation for SEO and Boost Rankings

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Your website should be functional and user-friendly if you’re looking to improve search engine rankings and user experience. Having the right structure is key to ensuring just that, with over 73% of people saying they leave a site if it has poor structure, according to a study by Good Firms.

In this guide, we’ll talk about website structures and how they can help improve your site’s search engine rankings and user experience.

1. Keep Visitors in Mind, Not Just Bots

Yes, where you rank on searches is determined by bots, but they’re not what will ensure steady sales flow. Some owners still focus more on optimising for bots instead of people, leading to a site that sacrifices functionality over search engine performance.

A prime example of this is client testimonials; while it’s SEO-friendly to have a dedicated page for positive client feedback, modern website design practices dictate that you should instead have a section on your landing page showcasing your stellar reviews.

Almost 40 per cent of users will stop browsing a site within seconds if it has a confusing layout or content, leaving all your hard work for SEO to waste.

2. Limit How Many Links You Use

You need to find a perfect balance between the time users spend on your page and the time they spend interacting with various links plastered needlessly across your pages.

Having a reasonable number of links is also important to ensure that the link is related to the topic that you’re talking about.

There has been a debate in the SEO community about the ideal number of links that should be on a given page. Three to five links per thousand words is where the general consensus lies, according to Blogely.

3. Remember Heading Hierarchy

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Having the right heading hierarchy is important to ensure that your website has the best structure for each page.

A heading hierarchy is a great way to organise your on-page content and improve the readability of each page. It’s also easy to implement and can help track the various changes affecting page engagement. You can also test different types of headers to see how they can affect page engagement.

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A well-designed website structure generates traffic and boosts your online success. It can help improve your SEO and attract more customers. Having the proper planning and organisation can help you create a website that’s both functional and effective.

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