The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for Australian Businesses

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Social media marketing is one of the strongest tools for marketers today. According to a study, 96% of the Australian population, which is about 25.31 million people, are active internet users, and 81% of the population in Australia, which is 21.30 million people, are active social media users. If a business leverages social media efficiently, it can soar to new heights.

Despite social media being such a massive platform, both in terms of size and opportunity, not all businesses use it to the best of their potential. Social media marketing isn’t as simple as it may sound. You must do it right to reap maximum benefit through social media marketing.

This blog lists some dos and don’ts of social media marketing to help businesses in Australia reach relevant audiences and take their business to new heights of success.

Dos of Social Media Marketing

Just putting your content out there isn’t sufficient to get the desired traction. There are certain practices that you must adhere to. Let’s look at what you must do when using social media as your marketing platform.

Establish a Human Connection

In the age of AI and chatbots, you must strive to establish a human connection with your audience. Your audience shouldn’t feel like there’s a robot behind your activity on social media. Instead, you should make them feel like they’re interacting with an actual human. Human-to-human connections are rare today because most businesses have started relying on chatbots and AI for most part of customer service. Bringing the ‘human’ element to your marketing campaigns will establish a lasting connection with the audience, and that’s important.

Engage with Your Audience

If you upload content on your social media platform and don’t look back at what people are saying or asking, your marketing campaign will fail. You must take time out to engage with your audience. Reply to comments, answer their questions, and make your audience feel like they’re actually talking to you. That’ll also help you keep the human element intact.

Post Regularly

You must post regularly and consistently if you want your audience to stick around. Check your analytics to identify the days and times at which you get maximum reach and engagement and schedule your posts at that time. Make your content engaging and interesting so that your audience looks forward to them. Not posting regularly will lead to a disconnect between you and your audience.

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Not all social media platforms will have your relevant audience, so there’s no point in investing your time and resources in diversifying your social media marketing efforts to them all. Use analytics to identify which social media platforms have your relevant audience and produce high-quality content for them only. This will get you maximum reach to the right audience and generate maximum leads.

Be Professional

You won’t always get praise and great reviews from your customers. People will criticize you as well. Make sure you tackle criticism professionally. Understand where the customer is coming from and what made him say what they said, and then respond. Keep your responses lively but professional even when engaging with your audience. Don’t get carried away while keeping up with the human element.

Provide Value through Your Content

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is to provide value through your content. Why would your audience stick around if your content doesn’t provide value? If all you do is ‘sell,’ your audience will get annoyed, and that’s not what you want. The right digital marketing services Canberra can help you create content that’s both promotional and valuable at the same time.

Always Proofread Your Content

Don’t just post content blindly. Proofread your content to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors and the content is factually correct. Your content is a reflection of your brand, and you certainly wouldn’t want your audience to perceive your brand as anything less than great.

Plan Ahead

Planning is extremely important when it comes to successful social media marketing campaigns. Plan your posts ahead. You should have a plan for the content you will post in advance. This will help you prepare content for upcoming events, festivals, and holidays in advance and stay connected to your audience.

Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

You may not realize, but you might be making mistakes that result in poor response following your social media marketing campaigns. To help you avoid poor or delayed responses from your audience, go through the list of some don’ts of social media marketing. Adhering to the don’ts is as important as the dos.

Don’t Spam

While posting regularly is important to make your social media marketing campaigns a success, you must not spam your audience. Posting too much every day can annoy your audience, and they may unfollow you. Post content with a clear objective, and not just for the sake of posting regularly. Your content should provide value and stir engagement, even if you stick to posting twice a week. Posting twice a day when the content is just spam won’t do you any good.

Don’t Lose Your Calm

The thing with social media marketing is that you’ll attract a lot of people, and not all of them will be your fans. Some of the people who see your content may be critics or even haters who’ll use hate language and tight criticism. Don’t lose your calm addressing them. Be professional when you respond to them. Don’t respond to them in a tone that they’re talking in.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Text

Although the visual of your posts will get the initial attention, your content will convince your audience to stick around for longer and take action. Don’t put all your focus on the visual, but make sure the text of your posts is valuable too.

Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

Yes, hashtags are important. But overusing hashtags isn’t the right practice. Use relevant keywords only. Also, don’t use keywords mid-text. That can be a turn-off. Use hashtags at the end of your posts, preferably below the read more line.

Closing Word

The number of active social media users in Australia is huge. This means you’ve got the opportunity to reach a massive pool of relevant audiences through social media. The key is to do social media marketing right.

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