The Importance of Web Traffic & Tips to Increase It

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are presently over 2,565,900 active businesses in Australia (as of 2022). If you run a business, you’re competing with hundreds and thousands of other businesses in your local industry.

The competition is at an all-time high. If you want to run a successful business, you must generate high web traffic (web users who visit a website). Why is web traffic so important? And how can you increase it? In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at web traffic and help you maximise it.

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The Importance of Web Traffic

Let’s consider an example. If there are 20 customers in Store A and 50 customers in Store B, which store will make more sales? Since Store A has a higher number of customers, it’s more likely to earn better sales. The probability instantly increases owing to the mere presence of customers.

Web traffic operates around the same logic. If more web users flock to your site, you’ll earn better sales. In 2023, every business strives to rank higher on Google SERPs and generate high web traffic. While you’ll notice an increase in your sales, you’ll also manage to improve your brand identity and increase brand recall.

When people consistently visit an online store, they’re more likely to become loyal customers and refer the brand to their friends/family. By increasing web traffic, you’ll grow your brand and secure your bottom line.

Tips to Increase Web Traffic

1. Optimise Your Content

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Content optimisation is your golden ticket to increasing web traffic. Googlebot crawls, indexes, and ranks content based on numerous factors, including keywords.

Google strives to make the search experience as streamlined as possible. If you incorporate high-ranking keywords into your content, Google will understand that you’re attempting to answer people’s questions and provide value. As a result, your content will climb SERPs and earn more web traffic.

Start by researching the most relevant keywords for your industry. As new trends, holidays, events, and developments occur, your keyword strategy should change accordingly. For example, if you run a clothing store for women, your keyword plan will include the following keywords for February:

  • “Valentine’s Day outfits”
  • “Valentine’s Day dresses”
  • “V Day fashion”

These will be removed from your keyword plan after Valentine’s Day. Strategic keyword research and planning will go a long way in helping you boost traffic.

We also recommend focusing on other on-page SEO elements, including meta tags, title tags, image filename, image alt text, page URLs, canonical tags, structured markup, internal and external linking, and so on.

Stellar content optimisation will help you earn spectacular traffic and sales. Ensure comprehensiveness; nothing should miss the mark!

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2. Create Local Content

Creating local content is one of the most effective ways to reel in a wider local audience. Let’s say you serve clients in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. Instead of creating content that targets web users in Australia, create content that targets web users in these specific cities. In fact, you can also get more specific and target local towns and neighbourhoods.

Local content is a game-changer. If a web user is looking for iron doors, they’ll run a local query like “black iron doors in Canberra”. Why? Because they want search results in their area so they can make a quick visit and purchase. If they don’t specify their city, the search results will be all over the place. Nobody wants to see search results for iron doors in the US if they live in Australia.

Localise your content to capture more people’s attention. If you run a law firm in Canberra, incorporate local keywords into your content. Additionally, create local content from scratch. For example, plan a blog titled “Arrested for DUI Over New Year’s Eve? Use This Guide to Fight Your Charges in Canberra”.

This is an excellent title to roll out in January. For starters, it targets web users in Canberra. Additionally, it includes a time-sensitive holiday, i.e., New Year’s Eve. The more relevant your content, the better your web traffic reports!

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3. Turn to Digital Advertising

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The power of digital advertising cannot be ignored. In 2023, the right advertising strategy will help you get seen by your target audience and maximise sales.

Leverage Google Ads and social media ads to increase your web traffic. Your ads should be eye-catching, diverse, unique, and engaging. Use visually appealing media to turn more eyes towards your ads and generate maximum clicks.

Google and Facebook ads should be your primary focus. Over time, branch out into other platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

4. Launch Contests and Giveaways

People love contests and giveaways. If you want to increase your web traffic, provide discounts, launch contests, run giveaways, and share coupon codes. Mention these special offers in your content and social media posts.

5. Demonstrate Expertise

Quality ultimately takes precedence over everything. No matter how many strategies you try, they’ll fall flat on their face if you fail to provide quality content and products/services to your audience.

Make sure you write well-researched, high-quality, and value-added content. Similarly, your products/services should also be top-notch. Improving quality is a great way to earn high organic traffic, i.e., web users who visit your site via unpaid sources.

Edit and proofread your content to get rid of any grammatical, syntax, punctuation, and spelling errors. Moreover, ensure that your content brings something new to the table. The last thing you want to do is write content that already exists on the web. Explore fresh ideas and angles to give your audience a great reading experience.

A/B test your content (especially your CTAs) to ensure optimal performance. Lastly, run QA and QC tests to maintain high product/service quality. These practices will bring more people to your site. As you collect positive reviews because of quality work, you’ll automatically start ranking high on Google SERPs and generating more web traffic.

Once the first card is tipped off, the domino effect will begin. Make sure you partner with the right digital marketing agency that can knock the first card off for you!

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