The Right Way to Use Facebook Polls for Your Business

a social media marketing specialist planning a Facebook poll for a client

An astounding 11.56 million people use Facebook in the country. If you run a small business, make sure you run a whip-smart Facebook marketing and advertising campaign to reach and convert your target audience.

Over the years, Facebook has upped its game immensely. Today, creators can choose between dozens of tools to engage with their audience and build their brand. Facebook polls are one of them.

Engaging, interactive, and exciting, polls are received exceptionally well by Facebook users. As a creator, make sure you use them correctly. In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at the right way to use Facebook polls for your business. Keep reading.

1. Perform Audience Research

Before you roll out shiny Facebook polls, make sure they’re centred around your audience. Yes, polls are exciting. But only if the questions actually appeal to your audience. Perform audience research to understand what your audience wants to see from you.

Let’s consider an example. If you run a clothing store for young women in Canberra, structure polls around the interests of your unique demographic. Since the Oscars just passed, you could ask which look your audience loved the most. This is a fashion-related question that is right up their alley.

Audience research will help you understand what your audience expects from you. Plan polls around topics that interest them for higher engagement.

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2. Focus on the Phrasing

a social media marketing expert adjusting the phrasing for an upcoming Facebook poll

Nobody wants to read a long, boring poll. Facebook polls are short, snappy, and fun. If the language is too complex and jargon-heavy, people will stop reading and keep scrolling. Pay close attention to the language. Keep it conversational and upbeat, not complicated and dull.

3. Encourage Your Audience to Add Other Options

Facebook has structured its polls in a way that users can also add new options. As a creator, make sure you remind your audience that they have this opportunity.

Yes, the “Add option” tab will automatically show up. However, people often overlook this and keep scrolling. Clearly remind them that they can add options as they deem fit in the post itself. Add something like “Feel free to add new options!” to encourage people to put their creative cap on and whip up some exciting options.

This is an excellent way to make your poll more exciting and diverse. As people bring new ideas to the table, the conversation will also get more engaging in the comments section.

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