TocToc – Implementing the Best Approaches of SEO for Tourism Operators in Sydney

Travel SEO for Tourism Company in Sydney

TocToc, being a leading travel SEO company in Australia, offers the most advanced and reliable services of Travel SEO for Tourism Company in Sydney


The major SEO tactics for tourism operators in Sydney used by TocToc

There are certain travel SEO strategies that our SEO experts at TocToc follow to optimise the tourism websites of our clientele. Here, we will discuss some of those strategies of Travel SEO for Tourism Company in Sydney.


  • Targeting the right keyword/keyphrases for travel business 

For the tourism industry, long-tail keyphrases work the best. Our travel SEO experts make a list of the keyphrases that are most commonly entered into the search bars by the customers while planning for a vacation. Mostly the search phrases include the names of the destinations, which the travellers want to visit. And so, we optimise those keywords/keyphrases and create content using them to be posted on travel websites.


  • Adding a human touch to prioritize the touring desires of the potential customers

It is true that SEO is a technical process but to make a mark in this highly competitive travel industry, you have to touch the strings of emotions of the customers. So, our travel SEO approach for tourism operators in Sydney incorporates technology as well as emotive content to guarantee the desired results.


Travel SEO for Tourism Company in Sydney


  • Designing an effective content strategy

The success of SEO for tourism operators in Sydney lies majorly on the on-page and off-page content. Through our rich content, we build anticipation and curiosity among the visitors about the travel destinations and tour activities. Our experienced and skilled team of content developers creates high-quality, keyword specific, and informative content that helps your travel website get a coveted position in the SERPs.


  • Seasonality – a key element in the travel industry

We make a thorough research and consider the popular phrases that are searched for by the users and work with those keywords/phrases. The search terms change throughout the year mostly as per the seasons. For example – the destinations and activities that the tourists choose for a summer excursion will not be the same for a winter holiday. During the seasons when the demand for vacationing is low, it is wise to introduce special attractive offers and discount deals on various tour packages. We create content and blog posts accordingly to attract potential customers to the travel website throughout the year.

It is important to understand that SEO may not give instant results or measurable return on investment; however, if you have patience and perception of the future, SEO will not only work for your business but will also bring to your website the most loyal and valuable traffic. Investing in SEO is cost-effective for growing traffic to the website on a long-term basis rather than investing in pricey ads on Google Ads, Facebook, etc.

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