Try These Content Promotion Strategies to Gain an Edge

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Writing compelling content is the first step to getting it noticed. For it to really do well across online platforms and get visibility, you need to implement the right content promotion strategies. This will ensure your content gets more reach and is easily accessible to your audience instead of drowning in the sea of content available online.

Here are a few content promotion strategies to apply:

Make Your Content Easily Shareable

If you want your content to get noticed, it needs to be shareable. While driving traffic to a specific web page or blog is important, don’t assume that everyone’s going to find your content themselves. In fact, many people come across blog posts when other websites, individuals, or platforms share them. Therefore, your content needs to be easily shareable.

The more compelling and relevant your content is, the more likely readers who come across it are to want to share it. However, if there aren’t sharing options included on your webpage or they’re hidden at the very bottom, they may not share it. Make sure you include easily visible sharing buttons and links in your content. You can add a floating bar offering multiple sharing options that stays visible to the reader as they scroll through the page.

Alternately, you can segment specific bits of your content and add sharing options for those particular parts. For example, you can highlight a statement and add a “Tweet This” option right next to it. This is especially useful for promoting the most relevant bits of your content. Readers can share specific things they like instantly while they’re still reading your content.

Additionally, your page should include all possible sharing options. Mention all social media links you’re active on to make it easier for readers to choose their preferred channels. You can also add email and link copying options to add your content’s shareability.

Engage With Your Community

Another way to actively promote your content is by directly engaging with your audience through different platforms. This will help you have a conversation with your audience and give your content greater reach.

The best way to go about this is by maximising your social media presence. Don’t just post a link to your blog; write creative captions to compel your followers to engage with your posts. Encourage them to participate in a dialogue in the comment section, create polls, and use other engagement tactics that help you get more responses and promote your content. You can also join groups relevant to your industry and promote your content there.

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Another way to engage with your community is by collaborating with content promotion networks. You can partner with these platforms and boost your content. Each content promotion network has its own requirements, so make sure you find one that best suits your needs.

Online communities such as Quora are also excellent engagement opportunities. You can participate in discussions related to your industry and promote your content to niche audiences. This will help your content get more reach and be viewed as a credible resource.

Repurpose Written Content as Videos & Infographics

Video marketing is a critical part of content marketing and promotion campaigns. According to statistics, online videos contribute to over 80% of internet traffic. If you haven’t been using videos for content creation, now is the time to start. You can also repurpose written content though videos, giving it a boost.

The vertical video format is considered an effective brand storytelling strategy. You can use this to your advantage, creating short video clips using the information from previously written content. You can also use the clips to promote specific content published on your website. For instance, you can share a snippet of a blog in your Instagram story and add the blog link. Alternatively, you can create a video discussing a few crucial points mentioned in an article you wrote and prompt viewers to visit the blog.

Reach Out to Influencers

Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular social media marketing strategy in the past couple of years. Australian brands rely heavily on influencer marketing to create and promote content that would get more views and engagement. Working with influencers during the content production and promotion process can help your brand gain relevant followers and generate more leads.

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It’s important to work with the right influencers for this to work. For instance, if you sell pet food and toys, it’s advisable to reach out to influencers who have pets or are vocal about their love for animals. They’ll be more willing to promote your content on their platform if it aligns with their values. Moreover, you can also reach out to them to collaborate on initiatives and projects. This will help you personalise your content for their target audience and promote it organically.

Send an Email Broadcast

Finally, don’t forget to promote your content through a customised email marketing campaign. Segment your email list to assess who will be most interested in your content. Use this to target relevant audiences and promote multiple content forms (such as blogs and newsletters). Segmenting will help you target different groups for different content topics, increasing the chances of your content being read.

Additionally, send out email alerts about new content to your email list. Include a brief teaser to entice your audience and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter for direct updates.


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