Using SEO for Your Business’s LinkedIn Page: A Guide

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With over 875 million users worldwide (as of 2022), LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform. However, LinkedIn isn’t just used for recruiting; it’s also considered an excellent marketing tool. When both of these purposes are combined, LinkedIn emerges as a robust platform that offers numerous benefits to businesses of all kinds.

If you’re considering using LinkedIn to grow your business, you’re on the right track. In this blog, we’ll help you kick-start a powerful LinkedIn optimisation strategy. Keep reading for business LinkedIn SEO tips from our experts.

1. Choose a Great Image & Banner

When people first land on your LinkedIn page, their eyes will go straight to your profile image and banner. Business profiles with pictures earn six times more visitors than profiles without images. Make a great first impression by choosing high-quality, eye-catching, professional, and high-resolution images.

Your profile photo should be a picture of your logo. Opt for high resolution and resize the image to fit LinkedIn’s requirements. If your logo doesn’t look good, consider upgrading it.

Your banner can be a lot more exciting. Apart from the sizing requirements, there are no other strict criteria. Get creative, choose an attention-grabbing and witty banner, and A/B test a handful of variations. The final profile image and banner combination should be visually appealing, professional, and polished.

Here are some great examples:

Ensure colour, font, and style coordination to achieve visual harmony. Avoid going overboard; the final outcome should be clean, modern, and striking, not visually overwhelming and jarring.

Change the visibility settings for your profile photo to “All LinkedIn members” or “Public” to ensure that people can easily find your profile through Google.

2. Choose a Smart Headline

Your headline shouldn’t be boring and forgettable. This is the perfect opportunity to make a great impression and compel visitors to stick around. Try to be creative and descriptive while maintaining a professional voice.

Use the 220-character limit to make your business sound like an innovative brand making an impact in the industry. We also recommend incorporating high-ranking keywords into the headline. This will make your profile stand out.

3. Tell Your Story in the About Section

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Many brands make the mistake of writing a dry and overly formal “About” section. This is the perfect place to tell your story and help people understand how your brand came to be.

  • Why are you so passionate about what you do?
  • Who are the faces behind your brand?
  • What do you aspire to do in the future?

It’s impossible to squeeze everything into a 2,000-character space, but try your best to be as descriptive as possible. Use keywords, and don’t forget to add media towards the end.

If you provide legal support to clients, attach a PDF file of your case history. If you provide photography and videography services, share your portfolio. And if you provide interior design services, include a catalogue.

This is a great way to give people a taste of your expertise, product/service quality, and talent. Add pictures, videos, documents, and links. Suncorp Group’s “About” section is an excellent example:


Instead of providing a big bulk of text, Suncorp Group has immaculately broken the content down into bite-sized paragraphs. Good formatting will go a long way in helping you retain user interest.

Suncorp Group has also struck the perfect balance between professionalism and informality. Phrases like “We’re bigger than you think” add a casual touch to the content and break the monotony.

4. Post on Your Profile Regularly

If you want your LinkedIn profile to be a roaring success, post regularly. Businesses that post weekly notice a 2x increase in engagement. Make sure you post creative, value-added, and engaging posts regularly. The more varied your posts, the better.

Embed images into text-based posts to improve their performance. You can also publish articles as newsletters that land into people’s inboxes. Consistency will ultimately help you steer your profile in the right direction and grow your audience.

5. Look Into LinkedIn Ads

Advertising is a powerful tool. By posting sponsored content, you’ll increase your profile’s visibility and build a wider audience. LinkedIn labels sponsored content as “promoted” to distinguish it from regular posts. Choose between single-image ads, carousel ads, or video ads.

Sponsored messaging is another incredible feature. It allows you to directly reach LinkedIn members through their inboxes. It’s important to note that LinkedIn limits the number of people receiving sponsored messages each month. For example, a LinkedIn member cannot receive an ad from the same brand more than twice within a certain duration.

If you haven’t already set up LinkedIn ads, log in to Campaign Manager and create an account. Choose your ad objective, define your target audience, select your desired ad formats, finalise your budget, set a schedule, and start building your ad.

Carefully craft ad copy around your target audience’s unique requirements. The copy should be clear, succinct, compelling, and engaging.

6. Analyse Your LinkedIn Performance

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  • Is your profile performing optimally?
  • Are there any weaknesses or areas of improvement?
  • What are your strengths, and how can you hone them?

Track, measure, and analyse your performance to ensure that your efforts pay off as expected. The LinkedIn Analytics tool provides detailed insights like new leads, post impressions, custom button clicks, new followers, unique visitors, search appearances, and so on. Analyse the results each week or month to fine-tune your campaign, increase your visibility, boost LinkedIn traffic, and achieve consistent growth.

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