What Is Thought Leadership Content & How Can You Use It?

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One of the most critical factors businesses need to consider when building a strong brand is thought leadership. It’s a set of guidelines that can help you create effective content that can stand out from the crowd.

If you want to leverage this opportunity to give authority over your brand and stand out, here’s everything you need to know about thought leadership content.

What Is Thought Leadership?

A thought leadership piece is unique and authentic content in which the author uses their expertise and experience and shares their wisdom with others. Thought leadership is about taking a stand, building knowledge, and creating value.

Others define thought leadership as being able to take a stand on an issue that’s controversial within the industry. Thought leadership also involves working together with other individuals to share knowledge and experience. It’s about leveraging one’s position as a subject matter expert to influence others in a certain niche. Essentially, it’s all about creating content that inspires and motivates people.

Who Are Thought Leaders?

A study conducted by Orbit Media identified the best thought leaders in their field. These individuals could be CEOs, coaches, authors, consultants, or businesses. They are also usually people who have strong opinions and are eager to share their knowledge with others.

Unfortunately, much of the content on thought leadership platforms is light, lacking in actionable insights and real gems. If you’re looking to draft thought leadership content in its purest form, here are some best practices you should follow:

1. Establish Authority and Brand Credibility

Having valuable and original content that is well-written and can stand out from the crowd is very important when it comes to building a strong brand. It can help boost the credibility of your brand and attract more potential customers. A strong thought leadership piece can also help reinforce your brand story.

2. Generate Shares, Backlinks, and Mentions

Although it’s not an SEO strategy, thought leadership can still help boost your website’s search engine ranking. It can additionally encourage people to share and refer to your content. However, it’s important to keep in mind that publishing thought leadership articles is not just for generating shares, links, and likes.

3. Attract Prospective Clients

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While thought leadership content isn’t intended to convert leads into sales, it can help build a loyal following and attract more potential customers. In some cases, clients didn’t need to look past references to know what I stood for, as they already knew what I was talking about.

For instance, Seed is a probiotic brand that focuses on educating people about how bacteria affect their health. Their approach to probiotic therapy is considered to be a science-based one that can help people take care of their health. This helped them build a strong brand following and increase awareness.

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Thought leadership aims to provide actionable insights and unique ideas that challenge conventional thinking and acting. To effectively communicate this concept, you need to create high-quality content focused on topics your audience is interested in. Conducting in-depth research is also important to ensure that your content is engaging and unique.

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