Why Backlinks Matter in 2022 (And How To Get Them)

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You’ve poured your heart and soul into your website.

You’ve created great content, optimised your pages, and done everything you can think of to attract visitors.

But for some reason, your website just isn’t getting the visibility you need. The traffic is low, and the engagement is even worse. You feel like you’re shouting into the void with no one listening.

What is it that you’re doing wrong?

The answer may lie in backlinks.

Being the foundation of Google’s PageRank algorithm, backlinks are one thing you can’t afford to ignore if you want your SEO strategy to succeed in the long run.

This means your organic search performance depends a great deal on them.

If you aren’t convinced yet, we’ve rounded up the top facts (supported by industry studies) to reiterate the importance of (relevant) backlinks.

Proof That Backlinks Matter

§ Powerful Websites Win at SEO

If you observe different SERPs, you’ll find one thing in common: Google pushes authority pages to the top.

Before you ask what authority pages are, let’s clarify that we’re referring to those with multiple links from trustworthy sites.

Research revealed that:

“A site’s link authority directly affects its search engine rankings.”

Hence, your goal should be to increase your link volume and improve link quality to grow your website authority.

The stronger your site becomes, the more likely it will rank higher in search engines.

But don’t get it wrong…

You must chase backlinks from QUALITY sites in your industry only.

Many pages have lots of backlinks, but they still struggle with poor search engine performance. This is because their backlinks aren’t relevant or high quality.

You see, Google is smart – it started prioritising quality over quantity when businesses began to pay sites to add links, add comments under other blogs with links to their own website, and buy links from untrustworthy sources.

Once you get quality backlinks, search engines will notice (and push) your site.

An improved SEO performance, in turn, will make it easier for you to get more organic links.

§ A Strong Backlink Strategy Brings Referral Traffic

You can have the most helpful and engaging content posted on your site, but it won’t be any good until it reaches the maximum number of people.

Now, it’s important to understand that not all traffic comes from searches on Google, Bing, or other search engines.

Referral traffic is also a thing – many users click on links within a post to be taken to the linked content.  

High-quality links on high-traffic sites can drive visitors to your website round the clock. This is how you get discovered amid the sea of businesses and generate organic traffic online.

A single link on an authority site can push traffic to your site non-stop several years down the road.

With a backlink strategy focused on building a strong structure of reputable links with user-focused content, you can boost your domain authority and enhance user engagement in no time.

§ More Backlinks = More “Votes” in Google’s Eyes

Google sees backlinks as “votes” from other websites, each vote suggesting that your content is relevant, useful, and credible.

The more votes your site has, the more attention it will get from Google and the more likely it is to rank for relevant searches.

This is an excellent way to improve your trust flow.

A high trust flow score is above 50. If you’re dipping below that, high TF backlinks can help boost brand trust.

§ Create New Connections

When a reader comes across good content and sees a backlink taking them to the source (you), they’ll be intrigued to click on it to discover the other content they may enjoy and find valuable on your site.

There’s a good chance that visitors will perform a measurable action on your site, subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media, or even purchase your product or service.

See what wonders a simple link can do for your site?

Now that you know why backlinks matter, it’s time to create an irresistible backlink request plan that’s impossible to turn down.

Tips To Get Backlinks in 2022

Here are the most effective tips to get backlinks for your website.

1. Highlight the Benefits the Site Gets

Even with the most amazing content, you may not get backlinks if you don’t pitch yourself well. The key is to emphasise the benefits the site will gain by accepting your request.

Most sites look for detailed, well-written content that their target audience will find useful.

This brings us to the next tip.

2. Make Sure Your Content is Top-Notch

Your content needs to be better than your competitors to be worth linking to.

Before you start creating content, it’s best to examine similar posts on the internet. Based on your findings:

  • Include higher-quality imagesin your post.
  • Come up with a more compelling title.
  • Hit a higher word count(without compromising quality).
  • Add an eye-catching featured image.
  • Write a more focused and intriguing title tag and meta description.

3. Sell Yourself as a Legitimate Site

As the “new kid on the block,” you’ll have to be extra persuasive to prove you’re a legitimate website.

In addition to writing great content, you must add links to your social media profiles on your site to create a deeper connection. Make sure you’re active on these channels to establish yourself as an expert.

Once you’ve provided proof of your authenticity, it’s time to sell your article as an invaluable resource.

Start by highlighting how your content is relevant to the site you’re pitching to and adding a link to it so the site owners can quickly check it out. Next, tell how it benefits their site and thank them for the inspiration before requesting them to share the article on their platforms.

Pro tip: Offer another service before closing to demonstrate a genuine interest.

Just make sure you don’t send out a whole essay – the trick is to keep your pitches short.   

That’s it!

We understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be for new businesses to get backlinks. But if you follow the tips in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to strengthening your online presence and generating organic traffic through quality backlinks.

If you need expert advice or assistance, feel free to reach out to our experts. We’ll be happy to help you get relevant backlinks from the best sources and devise a winning SEO strategy.

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