Why Is My Website Not Showing Up on Google SERPs? How Can I Fix This?

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Stellar Google SERP rankings are your golden ticket to high online visibility and enviable conversions. If your website isn’t showing up on Google SERPs, you’re invisible to your audience. If they can’t see your business, how will they interact with and shop from you?

In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at three reasons why your website is invisible on Google. We’ll also help you undo the damage. Keep reading.

1. Your Content Isn’t Optimised

The Googlebot doesn’t read every sentence of content posted online. Instead, it cleverly scans content to understand its relevance and the value it provides to readers. Optimising your content is a great way to make it easier for Google to crawl, index, and rank your website.

Make sure you add high-ranking keywords to your content. Additionally, use title tags, meta description and header tags, optimise the URL, add relevant internal links and high-DA external links, and optimise the images with filename and alt text. Impeccably optimised content performs much, much better on Google SERPs.

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2. You’re Not Meeting Google’s E-E-A-T Requirements

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While Googlebot quickly scans content, Google’s human search quality raters actually read content to develop a better understanding of the value it provides to readers.

Your content should satisfy Google’s algorithms and human team. Google’s raters look for good E-E-A-T: experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Make sure your content checks these boxes off the list.

At the end of the day, Google wants to supply high-quality content to its audience. If web users have a bad experience, Google’s reputation is on the line. When you make Google’s job easier by providing quality content, Google will thank you by improving your rankings.

3. You’re Creating Content Infrequently

If you post new content once in a blue moon, you’re inadvertently hurting your rankings. Google wants fresh content. When you launch high-quality blogs more frequently, you’ll start climbing SERPs.

This is, however, a slippery slope. When creators jump on the content quantity bandwagon, they often forget the importance of content quality. This is one of the most critical mistakes you can make.

Master the art of balancing both content quantity and quality. A high volume of high-quality blogs will ultimately help you make your way to the top SERPs and stay there.

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