Your Guide to Managing an Engaging Facebook Business Page

A business owner updating their Facebook page

Setting up a new Facebook page for your brand or simply updating your existing one is a smart move. With almost three billion monthly users, it’s no wonder that thousands of businesses worldwide have achieved consistent growth through the platform.

While simply creating a Facebook page is easy, it’s also very important that you have a comprehensive strategy in place to get noticed by and engage with your potential customers. Many people don’t like or engage with a Facebook page if it doesn’t have a compelling content strategy.

Here’s everything you need to know about making your Facebook page more engaging.

1. Don’t Create A Personal Profile

We’ve seen many entrepreneurs and marketers create personal profiles for their businesses instead of a Facebook Business Page. This practice puts them at a disadvantage, as they’re not getting the full suite of tools and promotional opportunities with a dedicated Facebook Business Page. Having a personal profile can also make it harder for Facebook page engagement.

2. Use Page Roles To Avoid Publishing Mishaps

Many horror stories have arisen about individuals who accidentally posted their personal content on their employers’ social media channels. To avoid this, only assign the appropriate roles to the people who need them most.

Before you implement this practice, ensure that you train new employees on how to manage their social media accounts. This will help them avoid confusion about when and how they should post content.

On your company’s page, click on the “Settings” button and then “Page Roles.” Make sure that you’re following the proper guidelines when it comes to sharing content. You can also check the “Page Attribution” box to see if you share content as part of your brand.

3. Recognisable Profile Picture

A business owner updating their Facebook page

Your profile should be easy to recognise, meaning it should have a prominent and simple logo or image appropriate for your brand. Having a well-designed and recognisable image is very important to get found and liked on Facebook. It also appears at the top of your page and in the feed of people searching for your page.

You should also keep in mind that Facebook changes its image dimensions regularly. As of December 2022, the page profile pictures on desktops have a resolution of 170×170, while those on smartphones have a 128×128 resolution.

4. An Engaging Cover Photo

You must choose a high-quality cover photo to make your page look more engaging. Since it’s the most prominent part of your page, make sure that it’s designed to catch the attention of your visitors.

Like profile images, Facebook’s page cover photo dimensions also change frequently. Page cover photos on desktops have a resolution of 820×312, while those on smartphones have a resolution of 640×360.

5. A Call-To-Action (CTA)

Facebook app on a phone

In December 2014, Facebook added a call-to-action feature to its platform. Since then, various brands have been able to customise their page’s call-to-action buttons. Some of these include “Watch Video,” “Book Now,” and “Sign Up.”

This feature benefits marketers as it allows them to drive traffic to their websites and promote their Facebook content. For instance, Mandarin Oriental uses this call-to-action button to help visitors make reservations.

After you’ve added a call-to-action button, you’ll be able to customise it and its URL. You can also check the number of people clicking on it by going to the “View Insights” box.

  1. Add Company Milestones and Basic Information

The “About” section is one of the most prominent sections of your Facebook page. It’s a must-have for any page owner as it allows visitors to quickly find information about your page. Although you no longer have a preview of your page’s “About” text, it’s still one of the first things they’ll look at when they navigate to your page.

In addition to the usual text, you can add various types of copy to the “About” section. This includes a general description or a mission statement. This will help your audience better understand what your page is all about.

You can also add various types of awards and milestones to the “About” section. These can include the day or year your company was founded, your most popular product or service launch, or the events you hosted.

  1. Post Photos And Videos

The importance of visual content has become more prevalent on social media platforms. According to studies, it’s 40x more likely to be shared on these platforms than other types of content.

Although photos are a great way to capture moments, you should also consider investing in video content. According to the State of Inbound’s 2017 report, video is the main disruptor. It ranked as one of the top three most important factors in the marketing industry.

One of the most prominent features that Facebook allows companies to add to their page is “Watch video.” This is because it’s becoming more popular as a way to consume content. So, if you’re planning on adding a video to your page, make sure it’s well-designed and engaging.

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A business owner updating their Facebook page

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